Ever heard of a Rod Oven before? Convert into Elect Smoker!!!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chargrilled, May 16, 2008.

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    This week I had a delima on how to warm up ribs that I brought to work for the guys on the construction site. I got a history lesson from our Project Manager. Apparently "back in the day" guys used to warm up their lunches in a Welding rod oven. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM[​IMG] . Once addicted to this Q Life everything you see can be converted into a smoker (you guys know what Im talkin about[​IMG] )

    So here is the rod oven that I foiled ribs and warmed them up for lunch. They turned out great, 2 slabs st louis and the two rib tips I cut off the spares. Everything was gone in 15 minutes so thank got I brought in some pulled pork. WHEW!!!
    Attachment 9354

    Thermostat control up to 550* i believe
    Attachment 9355
    Inside oven, this is where we are going to have some problems, the lower priamid has the element, eventually I will expose that element and install a rack right above it. Allow a couple of inches then install another rack for water/sand pan. The rest of the room will allow for 2 more racks for meat. Ribs sausage ABT's no butts or brisket room unless I make the top rack removable.[​IMG] With the barrel design of the oven I will have to create 2 troughs for grease/drippings so they can not make it down to the element[​IMG] FIRE FIRE. The other situation I have to overcome is the fact that the inside is constructed with Galvanized metal. I could burn it out or replace it, BUT this oven was designed to max out at 550* which i believe i am still safe. The only way I could get into trouble is if the wood catches on fire and my temps soar.
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    The spread at this weeks work BBQ
    Attachment 9357

    Another satisfied customer
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    Thanks for lookin, custom, tricked out rod oven, electric smoker in the works as the Company said I could have it. Also thinkin I will have to install a small chimney or anti-creosote device. Also going to have to secure the door better but hey not too many mods away from having a small electric smoker!![​IMG]

    Let me know your folks thoughts.
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    Huh...learn sumthin' new every day...LOL!
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    I used to work in a cloth finishing plant in high school and we did two big pans of deer steaks in the finishing machine. It's about 100 ft long and temps are about 275. Steaks came out great....like you said everything now is seen from a smoking perspective.

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