Elk Roast x 2

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by tommiegunnz, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Well its been a while since I've put up q view and it will have to wait again unfortunately (my camera is dead and I can't find the charger). Got two elk roasts in the smoker right now approaching finish. Might take a pic with my phone though and see if it will come out good enough to post. Smoked these over apple and threw some basil thyme and oregano on the coals as well just to see what would happen. Mopping the roasts with a butter/ fruit juice mixture. Hope the pics turn out good if they do I will share.
  2. bassman

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    Even without the Qview I can picture them! I've got three good sized ones in the freezer. Two more weeks til I go elk hunting again and the freezer's still got quite a bit of elk and deer in it.
  3. richtee

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    I have had elk only twice One roast and I did jerky. Some of the best meat I have ever had! Looking forward!
  4. bassman

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    Oh boy, I wish you lived close to me! You'd be begging for a piece of beef after awhile[​IMG] . Trying to decide what I want to take out to make jerky or sausage. Need room in the freezer.
  5. Hmm, I doubt it :)
    I'd eat game every day if we had more :)

    Well as there are no pics - you'll have to go overboard on the written descriptions timmiegunz :)
    Weights, colour, times temps, smell, juices etc :)

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