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  1. Hey guys this is my firstd post! Im smoking a pork shoulder in a masterbuilt electric smoker. Ive smoked pork shoulder in it a few times and never got it right. Im looking for some tips on how to smoke this baby! Im doing a 4.6 pounder and was looking to use a Mexican Coke brine or marinade. Any help would be appreciated!


  2. dockman

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    Smoke to 165 IT then foil until 195ish. Then let it rest in a cooler or wrapped in towel for 2 hours.

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  3. mike5051

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    I would smoke it at 250 until it hit 200 -205 IT, wrap it and rest it for two hours in a cooler.  It will be the best you've ever had.

  4. foamheart

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    I smoke 'em at 220 till about 203 IT, (at about 195 I'll start probing with a toothpick, see pork has no since of time), then pull and let set on the counter till cool. I am assuming the question was pulled pork., you can do sliced pork much quicker. 

    Do it a day or two ahead if possible and use some of Chef JJ's finishing sauce. I wouldn't serve pulled pork anymore without it. It adds a little spice and guarantees a moist meat. Pull it, sauce it, into the reefer. Then the day its needed, dump it in a crock pot and heat it. 

    Too easy.
  5. mummel

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    Post more info on your method, temps etc.  I just smoke at 225F until the IT hits 203F, no foil, no dry brining anymore.  Works fine. 
  6. The first few times I've smoked I used a dry rub and smoked around 225, but it seemed like it took forever... This next one im doing is 4.6 pounds exactly. So if im smoking at 225 it should take me about 8 hours?? Also, the smoker seems like it needs loaded way to often. I havent seem to figure out how much i need to add and when. If there is no smoke coming out should I add? This might be stupid questions but i really want to get it right! haha.

    Also, do you recommend dry rub or brine?
  7. smokinal

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    If your using chips then you will probably have to add more every half hour or so. When you don't see smoke add chips.

    The way most of the MES guys get around that is to buy a pellet smoker from:


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  8. Thanks AL. I think I'll go ahead and buy one of those. Which one do you recommend for the masterbuilt smoker?
  9. mfreel

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    The Maverick 732 is tried and true.  I'll bet a dollar to a donut that your IT of your smoker is off.  The Mav 732 should give you an accurate reading of what the temp REALLY is in your smoker.  MES are notorious for being way off their digital temp.

    So...smoke at 225 until you get the butt to an internal temp of 200 for pulled pork.
  10. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    All the Mavericks are pretty good, the probes seem to be getting cheaper as of late, so buy an extra.

    The Mavericks pretty basically are about the number of sensing probes. 

    This is the maverick site, you can check 'em out. then shop the best price or from a favored vendor. I know that Amazin, on of our site providers listed in the above sponsor's section did have a HUGE discount going. You might check them also.


    I just bought my nephew the new ET-735, which uses a smart phone and has 4 probes, 2 come with it and with purchasing 2 more probes you get 4 at once. He's new to smoking and it helps him, plus it has to do with a silly telephone so it cool  to show to his buddies....LOL
  11. That ET-735 sounds awesome. I called my local BBQ store and they recommended the big green egg over the maverick. Anyone used that one? I might order that ET-735.. Only bummer is I wont have it for Sunday... :(
  12. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Big green egg, its a smoker/grill and a pretty nice one. Has accessories out the ying-yang. But it doesn't measure internal temperature unless you add something like a Maverick.

    Since you've not done your profile yet, I can't be to specific, but Walmart is near everywhere. Call your local one and see. They'll probably have them, if not, Cabela's, Bass Pro, Acadmey, Loowes, Home depot, etc etc etc....
  13. Sorry I should have been more specific. The big Green egg thermometer over the maverick thermometer.
  14. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    No, I should've let the Big green egg folks step in. I didn't even know the Big Green Egg had its own. Like I said, tons of accessories!
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  15. I think im going to order the Bluetooth maverick and the pellet tube. I think that should take my smoking hobby to the next level! :sausage:
  16. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I just got one of the adjustable oval smoker tubes and I love it!

    As for the thermometer, well I have smoked a few years and I love the fact that its a remote, especailly with and elect smoker! I have no need of it for my pits. BUT what it does is it take a new smoker to an old pro level immediately. It means even when you screw up, you can enjoy your screw up and not worry about safety. That remote means you can sleep thru a long smoke, it will tell you when you should be there. It would be my first accessory recommendation for any future chef.
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  17. I agree with the above temps for smoking pulled pork in my electric smoker. I keep the smoker around 225 until the IT reaches 195-200 or so depending on the tooth pick test.  On the way up, I usually add wood chips once to keep the smoke going until the IT reaches 150-160.  Sometimes foil at 160 if the humidity is low, sometimes not.  I then foil in the cooler for about 2 hours to moisten up and then pull it and stir in the finishing sauce in a big SS bowl..  We like extra smoke, so after pulling and adding the finishing sauce I put a layer of pulled meat in a foil pan and restart my electric smoker with a new wood chip to get a little extra smokey taste on some of the meat for about 20 minutes to blend back in with the rest of it.  Your smoke taste may vary just like the mix and how much rub you use.

    Keep experimenting till you get it like you want it.  Document as you go for a while.

    Good luck to you.
  18. Thank you guys for all the help! I am happy to join this awesome community! Looking forward to getting my Maverick and AMNTS
  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    If you are using an MES, you would be better off getting the 5" X 8" AMNPS, instead of the Tube, unless you live at a high altitude, which I don't believe Cleveland is.

    I've been using mine in my MES 40 for 5 years, and it's Perfect. When I tried the Tube, I had trouble keeping it from producing too much smoke for that small of a smoker.

  20. Thanks for the recommendation. I didnt order yet, thankfully.

    Update... My pork shoulder has been in since 930 this morning. I had it set at 235 and the internal temp is only 216. I'm guessing because of the cold weather. So I bumped it up to 250 to see if it raises the temp inside the smoker. :yahoo:

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