Eating good today! Pork Butt, Ribs, Fatty, Salt & Ice Cream Stuff...

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  1. Well I decided I should smoke some more food to try & finish seasoning my MES 30  [​IMG]   I figured a butt, ribs, & a fatty would be a good combination to go with. I put the butt in last night planning for it to be done right before I put the ribs on & it worked perfect  [​IMG]   Pics to come soon - I have to pull the butt out & get the ribs in...

  2. Ok here is the butt.

    Rub on & ready to go in the MES. Smoker temp 225 AMNPS with Pitmaster's Choice pellets.

    Salt ready to go in at the same time.

    Done & right before I took it out. It is now wrapped & resting in a cooler.

    Next item - ribs  [​IMG]

  3. Well for some reason I didn't take a pic of the ribs before I cut them  [​IMG]   I'll go ahead & blame that on not having my morning caffeine yet  [​IMG]   But here they are with the rub & ready to go in the MES...

    & in they go... Gonna do a 3-2-1 with these. Smoker temp 225 AMNPS running oak pellets this time.

    The salt is starting to get some good color. It will stay in for this smoke as well.

    Now I need to make some sausage for the fatty & get some salmon ready to smoke later too  [​IMG]

    Updates to follow...
  4. woodcutter

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    I'm wondering what the ice cream stuff is going to be.
  5. It's another one of my old snacks from back when I was going to school - once everything is done I will show it  - it should be ready by then  [​IMG]

  6. Ribs ready to foil.

    & the other one...
  7. It is going to be so good.

    Happy smoken.

  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Looking good Jeremy!
  9. Ok now for the fatty.

    Here is the butt that gave part of itself for this project.

    Cut up & ready to grind.

    I took 1 lb out to make the sausage for the fatty. The rest will get used for fresh sausage & probably Linguica - I need to decide soon  [​IMG]

    Spices added & mixed in - the sausage is ready to go...

    Ready to start the fatty.

    Part way through construction. I decided to make another pizza fatty - they're my favorite fatty  [​IMG]   So far there is provolone cheese, mushrooms, Virginia baked ham & some of my homemade sauce.

    Then I added pepperoni, mozzarella & a few spices.

    Wrapped & ready for the weave.

    Blanket of goodness  [​IMG]

    Wrapped & ready to go - it is in the smoker now.

    Updates to follow...
  10. Thanks David!  [​IMG]
    Thanks Case!  [​IMG]

  11. Ok ribs almost done - time to get out the butt.

    Some great bark on this!  Nice & moist & just plain yumm  [​IMG]

    Now to grab the ribs...

    Just pulled out & ready to glaze.

    Glazed & about to be cut.

    Ready to eat.

    These ribs really made me smile. Turns out they were happy too - both the bones on the right are smiling!   

    & now it is time to grab the fatty  [​IMG]

    & here it is  [​IMG]

    I left the fatty cool down for a few minutes before I cut it & grabbed the salt in the meantime.

    It really turned out good too - very nice smoke flavor  [​IMG]

    Salt put in a glass jar & added to my collection of smoked salts  [​IMG]

    & now it is time to slice the fatty...


    & here's a view of the guts  [​IMG]

    Pizza fatty... [​IMG]

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]              [​IMG]     I love these things!  [​IMG]

    Ok the only thing left is the dessert - ice cream stuff! I will post it in a bit - I have some salmon to tend to & some sausage as well  [​IMG]
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  12. c farmer

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    What type of salt?
  13. c farmer

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    That fattie looks awesome
  14. I use coarse sea salt so it doesn't fall through my screen - usually Del Destino Mediterranean from Italy but this time I tried La Baleine from France...
    Thanks man!  Out of all the fatties I've made a pizza fatty like that is my favorite - they are great!  [​IMG]

  15. Ice cream stuff.

  16. It is nice & rich & smooth - not grainy at all.

    I learned to make it because it doesn't require an ice cream machine & is very simple.

    Only 2 things needed for the basic version but you can add whatever you want... Ice cream stuff  [​IMG]
  17. I am gonna make some rolls to have sammiches with the rest of the pork tonight - will get some more pics up then  [​IMG]
  18. dirtsailor2003

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    Everything looks tasty Jeremy! We have a couple ice cream balls that we keep in the camper for making ice cream or the occasional adult frozen beverage. Kids kick them around the campground for 15 minutes and there you have it, Ice cream!
  19. c farmer

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    I want the ice cream recipe.

  20. Thanks Case  [​IMG]   I've seen those balls for sale before but never knew how effective they were - do they work pretty good?

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