drying before smoking, common in tradition smoking but not in BBQ smoking

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    As i understand it, in tradition smokehouse smoking it is customary to dry your meat of fish before smoking (both hot and cold smoking). This takes several hours, up until about a day. This can be  done in a heated smoker (without smoke) in the refrigerator or just outside. The reason given is that it creates the pellicle, the somewhat dry, sticky protein coating, with increases smoke deposition. Many authoritative books on smoking describe this procedure (eg Marianski et al, Strawbridge et al, Anderson, Dubbs, Ruhlman& Polcyn).

    However, in the BBQ smoker literature, I do not find this pre-drying at all. Quite the opposite in fact, high humidity seems to way to go, including spritzing of meats with water or other liquids. 

    I am confused. Why this difference? Is it a custom? Is there a difference that I'm not seeing?


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    I think, even as a newbie, that the searchbar will be helpfull
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