Dryer Vent Hose off MES 40

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  1. bglassbe

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    It's supposed to rain all weekend.  Was thinking of putting the smoker (MES 40 Gen 1) near the edge of the garage, but still under cover.  I don't think that's far enough out to vent the smoke though.  Has anyone ever put an elbow vent on and then run a dryer vent hose outside of the garage?  Would the vent need to be elevated or can I let it drop and run along the floor of the garage/driveway?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. soflogator

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    Never done that but I would think that if you everything sealed good with some good duct tape it should work just fine. You might also try an electric fan blowing from inside the garage out over the smoker to blow the smoke away from you.
  3. mneeley490

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    Welcome from the land of rain, my friend. I use my MES30 all the time with just the edge sticking out of the garage, but still under the eaves.

    I have a 3" rotating elbow stuck in the top vent. As long as you don't have another door open, you shouldn't have much of problem with smoke.

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  4. craigdchang

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    I have and you have to be careful. Make sure you keep the hose up. You get condensation built up and it will leak smelly brown liquid all over the side of the smoker and all over the floor. Now if you keep the hose short you might not have any issues. I now

    use a two foot extension and point it out the door. 

    Sorry I can't seem to get my pictures upright.

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