Drastic temp differences inside CC

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by busmania, Sep 21, 2015.

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    I built a reverse flow out of a 33 gallon compressor.  Overall I am pretty happy with it.


    Yesterday when the chicken was done I decided to put the second maverick temp probe on the grate and keep the smoker going.  In my picture, Temp 2 and 3 are the probes from the maverick.  Therm 1 is my dome thermometer.  Anyway, I was getting between 20-50 degree differences between the two thermometers.  The one on the right was always hotter.  Is this because my firebox is on that side?  If I put another RF plate with about an inch between the other one, would that help "insulate" this firebox heat and keep my temps more consistent?

    My smoker

    My drawing of what is going on inside

    MY THEORY???

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  3. Where do you build your fire in your firebox.  The tendency is to push it to the back of the firebox which puts the main heat source even closer to your racks on the firebox end.  Try moving your fire closer to the door and you may be surprised at the results.  Probably will not completely solve the differences but may make it more manageable.  Worth a try.  I know it my RF it makes a big difference.  Joe
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    When meat is in the smoker, temps will be different... When you open the upper air inlet, what happens to the temps...
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    Interesting.  Ill try that next time.
    Good point.  This was in fact empty.  ill do the test again next cook. 

    Out to start fabbing a baffle plate.  good day yall!

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