DIY Side Table for Kettle:

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    Here is photo of a side table that I made for my Weber Kettle. I used the top from my Weber 1800 Side Kick Table and mounted it onto an RV table base and used an RV pedestal Leg. I used the RV table  based called ""Porta-Leggs".  If you do not want to use the Porta-Leggs, you can use the RV cone shape bases and attach the one of the Base onto a wooden board with screws, and the other base can be attached to the table top (the cone shape bases come in pairs). The RV Table legs comes in various lengths. The Porta-Leggs will accept a 2.25" diameter leg, you can find them on Ebay.  Just make sure the diameter of the Pedestal leg will matches the hole in the base. The Pedestal Legs and Bases come in various diameters and lengths. Now I don't have to worry about my Side Kick Side falling off. The pedestal legs are tapered on both ends to fit inside the bases. The 22" - 25" length should work out find.
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