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Discussion in 'Arizona Members' started by spainglish, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Hows it going everyone. I am an Arizona boy born and raised. I was born in Show Low and have lived in St. Johns, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Prescott, Payson, and Queen Creek. Unfortunately after joining the Navy in 1998 I have not found myself in a position to move back home and am living in Spain right now which isn't all bad but it's still not home. Hopefully I can live vicariously through you all.

  2. Things are good in Yuma.  Temps in the 90s.  Not doing much outdoor cooking right now, but laying some plans.  I'm a transplant from Oregon and retired Air Force, so I can appreciate missing home.  Thanks for your decision to serve.  I imagine you are getting some good exposure to Spainish ways of cooking.   
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    Hello Melk, thank you for your service as well. I am no longer in the military but I work closley with them still. I have been learning some great things about spanish food. It helps that my wife is spanish!
  4. Howdy Spainglish, thank you for your service. I live at the far southern margin of the state. As we have had Navy and Air Force represented, it is time for former Army to represent.  Let me throw up a couple Arizona cook pictures for you.

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    That's some good looking stuff Addertooth! Did you make those sausages yourself? Thank you for your service as well. Maybe we should start an Armed Forces Veterans club?

  6. Yes, the sausages I made about a month ago.  They were made with ground Ribeye.  They turned out really good.  But then, can anything bad be made from Ribeye?
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    Damn! Ground ribeye!! Those are some expensive sausages! Sound delicious though [​IMG]. You're right, I don't think anything would suffer by being made from ribeye. That is my favorite cut for a steak by far!

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