DEPLOYED....need suggestions using this cooker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by throttlejunkie1, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. throttlejunkie1

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    Hey fellas,

    It's been awhile since i've been on here. I'm deployed.....again, and I got the itch to smoke. We have a cooker thats appartenly been here for years. Whoever built this bad boy, built it well. But i'm a RF smoker guy so I am requesting your opinions on a good way to make this process work and have a successful outcome of bbq. I intend to buy some roasts and picnic cuts from a local meat market out in town. I'm actually unsure as to what I'm going to be able to buy until I drive up there tomorrow. I brought all my rubs and thermostats with me so prepping and monitoring wont be an question is: What would be the best way to use this thing?

    The exhaust is right in the middle on the back of the cooking chamber. Both ends open to load fuel (charcoal is all i have access to).

    Any help to this question of use will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. biteme7951

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    Charcoal on each end and meat it the middle?

    Thanks for your service and it's nice to know you didn't forget the essentials when deployed (rubs and stats).

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  3. Thank you for your service,  If you are not going to modify it I would just try it a couple of different ways. Maybe a little charcoal and wood on each end The meat more toward the middle, add fuel a little at a time for low and slow, You might also try build a fire in one end, Block or dampen the chimney and open the door on the opposite end Just a Little. Or just a thin layer of coals all the way across and add coals as needed. Probably just gunna have to play with it a bit and figure it out    Good Luck

  4. bmaddox

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    I like @gary s  idea of blocking the chimney and opening the door on the other end. If you can get the air flowing through the whole smoker and out the end it should work fine.
  5. daveomak

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    Morning TJ... Back at it huh.... Be safe my friend.... Don't forget to try what the builder may have had in mind.... charcoal both ends then close it up.... all the doors... see what happens... maybe the small exhaust stack promotes low air flow and the thing will work like an UDS..... looks like enough thermal mass to stay warm for days in the desert..... probably won't take many briquettes to heat it up...
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  6. throttlejunkie1

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    Thanks for all the quick replies. I agree Gary's idea makes good sense. That cooker is built like a tank, I'm gonna assume that it will hold good thermo temp for awhile. Heck, its 120F by 0900! I'll do some tinkering with it. I'll also be sure to post pics of the process. Thanks everyone.
  7. Great  I'll be watching

  8. miersc77

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    I'm in!! :flag: Thank you for your service!
  9. throttlejunkie1

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  10. Thanks for your Service bro...  I think it's more like a grill then a smoker. Looks like you could put charcoal on one end and load the middle and the other end with meat and cook indirect.Have fun and keep you head down!! God Bless!!
  11. throttlejunkie1

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    Well I scored some meat but the selection was minimum. 2 11lbs beef tip loins. Rubbed them and letting them thaw over night
  12. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    Had to wait an extra day due to both of these cuts had to thaw correctly. Been on the smoke for 3 hours so to come

  13. I'm  in     

  14. miersc77

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    That's some good looking beef!
  15. frosty

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    TJ1, best of luck, looks you are all set for now.


    Thanks for your service and I know you will coume out smellin like a rose.

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