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  1. Got a brand new MES 40 GEN I from Amazon last week and finally made time to open it last night.Was kinda bumed out when I opened it though,Had a pretty big dent on the top edge and a polishing blemish on the other side.I know it doesn't make it cook different but kinda like buying a brand new car with a dent in the fender.Who would I contact about this Masterbuilt or Amazon???Thanks Dennis. 
  2. welshrarebit

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    I'd say Amazon!
  3. Just talked with Amazon and they are refunding me 25 % back. Meat market here I come!!!
  4. bearcarver

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    Sounds good !!!

    Great choice of weapons!!

  5. Thanks,looking forward to all the good things I can smoke in this MES.
  6. bearcarver

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    Here's my Index of a whole bunch of things you can smoke with your MES, in Step by Step form:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

    This is also at the bottom of all of my posts.

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  7. Points for you sir!!! Thanks for the link I am going to put that to use!!!!
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    Like you said, it will work with a dent. Mine is dented on the side but it wasn't deep enough to dent the stainless inside. So long as the dent is just in the exterior metal you will be fine.
  9. foamheart

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    I assume you have done the seasoning and insured its all functioning properly and not shook up?
  10. If you can live with the dent a partial refund is great. I know a couple of time I had a problem with something I ordered on Amazon they took care of it immediately 

  11. ak1

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    Why not just have them replace it?
  12. Since it doesn't affect function, I could live with the ding for 25%
  13. Yes I did season it and it worked great!!I am totally satisfied with my 240 dollar mes 40 gen I lol
  14. ak1

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    I hope nothing ever goes wrong with the unit . If it does, that dent will haunt you.
  15. It evens happens down under.

    I brought a gas Coolabah smoker which is similar to the MES smoker and when I opened it about two weeks after I purchased it I was confronted with about six dents and a crease where they had used a ratchet strap to tie down the load.

    I photographed the damage and contacted the place of purchase and they put me on to the importers/distributors who were more than happy to look after me. I brought it from a store that is approximately 7 hours away and which is the closest to where I live, the importers/distributors are at the other end of the world, would be like the distance from say New York to Tallahassee.  They were prepared to replace it with a new one but when they worked out the distance and shipping they decided to offer me a deal. As the dents won't stop me cooking they offered me 2 more racks, a pair of leather cooking gloves and a large pack of beach chips. When I worked out the cost to buy all this it came to around the $70 mark so I suppose I did ok.

    I have a Scotch Fillet on the go as I write this and if I remember I'll take a shot or two and post.

    Cheers from Down Under

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