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  1. Hey to all, I havent been on in a while and was hoping for some info. A guy at work wants me to smoke some deer sausage. He said it has been cured from the place he had it made and I was wondering how long I need to smoke it for and do I need to put anything on it. He said that the sausage each was about 2 lbs. Thanks for any info
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    Sausage is generally cold-smoked to add flavor, and the cure is added to prevent spoilage during the smoking process. You're not cooking the sausage while you smoke it, so the amount of time in the smoke depends only on the amount of smoke flavor you want.

    I'm not familiar with your particular smoker, but I would suggest an hour at 100* or so with no smoke to dry the casings (otherwise the smoke won't penetrate) followed by 2-4 hours at 130* with smoke. After that you can take a link out and cook it for a taste test, and give it more time if needed.

    Don't forget he qview!
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    He hit it on the head.
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    Now I have made a fair amount of venison sausage and I have smoked it for about 8-10 hours for the flavor more then to cook it. You start with dring the sausage out for an hour and then next you bring the temp to 90°or 100° with smoke. Then you increase the temp by about 10° each hour and keep up the smoke till you get to maybe 170°-180° and the internal temp of the sausage reaches 156° to 160° and then your done. Put the sausage in the refrig fro a day or two and let it sort of cure to say. Then you can fry it, grill it, or boil it hot and eat it and it will be great tasting too. believe me.

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