Cooked Lebanon Salami

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  1. Here is the recipe that I have been promising all of you.

    Home Made Lebanon Salami
    Hi Folks Here is a relatively easy way to make some homemade Lebanon Salami.
    Here goes
    20 lbs of chuck or beef neck (whatever is cheapest)
    5 lbs of pork butt or picnics (whatever is cheapest)
    1 - 18.5 oz bag of Leggs #116 snack stick seasoning
    1 - 3oz bag of LEM citric Acid
    1 - 8oz or 1/2 bag of LEM soy protien (to keep shrinkage down)
    1 to 3 tbs of liquid smoke
    6 to 8 Tbs of Brown sugar

    Cut and grind beef mix Legg's with water and Instacure#1 as per instructions then add liquid smoke and brown sugar. After final grind (if one) and right before stuffing, mix the 3oz bag of citric acid into meat. Do Not Grind Citric Acid Into Meat!!!!. Stuff into large casing and heavy smoke with hickory with low heat slowly bringing up to finishing heat (about 150-160 degs internal) Smoke for about 12 to 16 hours. The longer the smoke the better.
    Give the salami a cold water bath.
    Let sit in fridge overnight, vacupack freeze eat and enjoy at leisure.

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