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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoke-n-fire, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Like all of us I couldn't resist the sale on 8 pound butts at the local supermarket.....I let it set around trying to decide on what to do with it and ran out of time. had to cook or freeze by today so of course on this beautiful day off it had to hit the smoke. Decided on trying something a little different on this one, i rubbed heavily with my latest and greatest idea for butt rub [​IMG]  tightly wrapped and let it sit over night. This morning at 7 i pulled it out and injected with some apple cider/vinegar/honey/seasonings. Used a quick and easy mustard slather lightly over then medium/lightly shook on more seasoning, then let it sit to warm up and while the smoker was warming up. Since it's not quite warm enough for me to set outside and baby sit my junk chargriller and the UDS is still sitting out back "in progress" i fired up the Masturbuilt gas smoker(MGS) with apple wood chunks. These smokers are really nice for $140 dollars but like all cheap rigs you have to do some modifying/rigging, but once you get it right its set and forget(even though i check on it every 3 seconds...excitement. maverik is in the mail on the way). Anyhow i left it alone until it got to 140 degrees(within 4 hours) then made up  a whiskey/apple cider blend mop sauce and put on every 1.5 hours. Lets see how this thing goes!

    After the Slather and reseasoning

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    Looks great so far.
  3. rdknb

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    Looking forward to seeing it finished, good start so far
  4. Looking good so far!
  5. [​IMG]

    The dreaded Plataue about 1 pm


    Right before covering up with foil- shortly before 5

    Its not 5:55 i'm at 171 degrees in the foil. My plan is to get it to about 195 and open the foil to make an attempt at drying the bark back up. either way it will be a good dinner, just wished i didn't reset the alarm clock an hour later...As many times as i've been told "Never rush smoking!" and "Always start early, it will be perfectly fine resting" i still always run late. Except ribs, on spot every time!
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    It looks really good so far. Nice bark formation.
  7. [​IMG]

    After it was all pulled about 730

    Since i had hungry people waiting to eat i decided to wrap and put in the dreaded oven(being as i was using the MGS its the same thing). I let it get to 195 then pulled it and let it cook itself up to 202-203 and unwrapped. I cut out the money muscle to make a few delicious chunks but the over and high temp made every thing fall apart. it was delicious but i wish i had time to let it smoke the entire time. I am definetly a no wrap guy but when you have a hungry family wondering if its ever going to get done you've got to do what you've got to do haha. Thank you everyone that checked out my first SMF Q-View thread!

    Look what santa brought a few months late

  8. and yes i know i am terrible for not taking a finished product picture but of course since it was in the over it looked the exact same. Stay tuned my next Q-View thread is going to be St. Louis style competition ribs probably done on the junk-griller.
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    [​IMG]  nice job

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