Cold Smoked Patty Sausage Fail.....or was it?

Discussion in 'Other' started by marc1980augrad, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. So, I mixed up some venison/pork butt sausage with Pop's breakfast spice blend and rolled it into logs (not stuffed into casings, just rolled, ground meat).  I used Cure #1 so I could cold smoke it.   I filled the AMNPS and let it run with Pitmaster's Choice/Pecan for about 10 hours.  After the smoke, I put the logs in the freezer for a few hours so I could slice up the patties with the meat slicer.  I baked up a few slices this morning and it is WAY too smokey.  Will this mellow over time like smoked cheese if it is in the freezer, or did I just waste 15 lbs of sausage?  Opinions please.  And sorry, I didn't take any pics.
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    I hesitate to answer this question, because I don't have a clue. All I can say is my sausage in the freezer doesn't loose any of the smoke flavor over time. I really like the strong smoke flavor, so if you can't fix it, I'll give you my address. [​IMG]

  3. It may mellow out some, but probably not enough. 10 hours is a lot of smoke for ground meat in my opinion.

    Since it hasn't been cooked, i would think you could grind up more meat and mix it all together to cut the smoke flavor. 
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    I don't know about it mellowing....   Unwrap it and let it sit in the refer, uncovered....    try it in chili or sausage gravy and biscuits...     Mix with ground beef or ground turkey for burgers...  something has to work.....  grind your own turkey....   buy one at 89 cents and grind it all... skin, dark and white meat... it should be almost frozen when you grind it.....
  5. I ruined a pile of pork chops in mortons tender quick,made a wet brine. Salty doesn't describe the out come.I made a big pot of beans and through a couple in,it worked out good so I'm going to use them for seasoning. You can use your ground meat the same way
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    I would imagine that smoking without a case would make it a lot stronger. AMNPS I would imagine will give a lot of strong smoke too as it's burning fairly cold.

    I would think you could easily use it as a flavouring for beans and other dishes in small proportions.

    Hope it works out ok.
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    Hi Marc, very curious how you worked it out 

    with this sausage.

    I want to do something like this although

    ten hours seems like a long time to me.

    Maybe I'll try gently for a couple of hours

    and see if I want more or less on it.

    Keep on smokin'                               Ed
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    Please be sure to add cure to whatever you cold smoke....
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    Thank you Dave, I do appreciate that everyone sort

    looks out for all us newbies.

    Before I do anything I will be asking to have every step double


    By folks (like yourself) that won't let me poison my tail.

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  11. This! I used 1 teaspoon per 5lbs of meat (Cure #1). It is important to educate yourself in the use of curing agents before you attempt cold smoking. Botulism is fatal....
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    Excellent.......   Botulism is the deadliest pathogen known to man..... 
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    Well it's been a while?? How did it turn out,,, I do my cold smoke on links for about 4hrs only usually apple wood. (yes with cure) 

  14. It actually wasn't bad at all. The flavor dos mellow once I put it in the freezer. But I don't think I'd do it again for that long.
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    OK...... I'm back.......  I know this thread is on patties but, I feel this is important......

    I just had a thought on cold, warm and hot smoking sausages.....   

    The casing does not let in air...  moisture is continually being expelled through the casing stopping that transition......    Therefore, the meat inside is in an oxygen deprived environment exactly in the perfect temperature zone for botulism to multiply....

    Now, I have no idea how long it takes for botulism to grow/attain the stage where it will kill you...  I have read it takes somewhere around 180 ish degrees F to kill it ....   AND it takes around 240 degrees F to kill the spores.....

    In conclusion......  ANYTIME you stuff meat into a casing, USE Cure #1....   you could be playing Russian Roulette with 5 rounds in a 6 shooter...

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