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  1. Wife is starting to get on to me about populating "her" kitchen with all of my bbq equipment, and seasonings. She's going to evict me and all of my Q supplies if I don't find an alternative location. 

    When I was in the boy scouts, we had a chuck box that we would take with us on every camping trip. It had essentials such as spices, oil, and cleaning surprise. It was made of plywood so it wasn't very sturdy and many times we had to rebuild. Not to mention is heavy as hell. I would like to build a chuck box similar to this, but more efficient in size and capacity. I've done a few searches on google but I'd like to hear what other "Q-aholics" have to say. Im open to any and all ideas!
  2. Hello Nate.  Do you have a shed or garage?  I don't know how far either would be from your smoking area.  Just off the top of my head; many folks set up a kitchenette in a garage/shed.  Cheap used fridge ( great for food and beer ).  A cheap used sink is easy to find and hook up.  A cheap stainless prep table can usually be found.  Old school/tool locker for spices and such. That well know auction site can be your best friend.  Just some food for thought.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I made my wife give me a drawer and double door cabinet in the kitchen!!!!! She was allowed to have the rest of the space.:yahoo:

    And if you believe that I have some Arizona beach front....... All kidding aside, I am fortunate that my wife likes the smoked I was able to beg and get some space in the cabinet.

    A chuckbox probably would not work for there is no place to store it with the Arizona heat except indoors.

    Good luck with whatever you end up doing.
  4. Right now, all I have is a drawer and the rest of my utensils are scattered in with all of our normal cooking utensils. Most of my gadgets are stored in the laundry room lol.

    Kitchenette would be sweet for my garage, might be a good idea for when I buy my own house sometime next year. Im probably going to end up looking for something on one of the local online yardsale website like an old locker or something like you mentioned above.

    I'll post pics here whenever I figure something out probably sometime this week! [​IMG]
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    Bride complained about my sausage making and smoking stuff and moved a bunch out.... Well, the other day, she says, "I bought you a 20# meat mixer with Cabela's Bucks"....

    Question........ Do I assume she likes all my stuff now and thin out her kitchen and move my stuff back in ??? ......... ROFL
  6. Easy there Dave - would hate to see anything happen to you!  [​IMG]

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