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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by majorlee69, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. On my first ever smoke the 3-2-1 worked great on ribs. My wife couldn't believe I'd finnally made tender ribs and apoligized for giving me crap about building my smoker. Now she's making requests!!!! So how do I smoke chicken leg quarters? I really only need the grill temps, cooking time, and finnished meat temps. I have the system of keeping heat and smoke pretty well figured out. Of course I will always appreciate any tips or advice I can get. Thanks [​IMG]
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    I say BRINE!!! I love to brine poultry. If no skin, wrap in bacon. Skin on, rub it good under the skin.

    Good luck!

    Look's like your smoker is 1/2 limp. Throw some ****** in there to straighten up that smoke stack. [​IMG]
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    I got ****** for the "blue pill". Maybe I should hold off on the "saluting" jokes.
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  5. thanks for the link and don't worry about the stack, I save all the blue pills for myself.
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    I have never brined anything, but need to watch my salt intake, so it may just be me [​IMG]
    At any rate, chicken quarters are my wife's favorite. We do 10 lbs at a time and then vacuum seal the left overs. Spice em up with Memphis Rub, squirt them with an apple cider/apple vinegar mix as they smoke. We do internal temp to 160* then put them in the oven in a pan covered with foil for another hour at 170*. Comes out real good.
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