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  1. Well its starting to get warmer outside here and this weekend is looking really nice.  So I decided to do a chicken experiment.  I a few whole chickens in the freezer so why not try something new?  I decided that I'm going to spatchcock this chicken for my first experiment since I've never done that before.  So I will follow Jeffs directions  on how to do that looks simple enough.  The one question I do have though is do I brine it first before removing the backbone?  Does it not matter?

    Now for the second part of the experiment.  I'm going to brine the chicken obviously and I have a good rub that i like but I want to infuse some flavor and some heat into this bird.  So I was thinking I would like to try a brine with some Sriracha sauce or even some franks hot sauce.  Has anyone ever used either in a brine?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Brining can be either before or after removing the backbone. One thing to consider - after spatchcocking the chicken the brining time shortens a bit.

    As for the heat - my 2 cents would be not to use it in the brine, but to "heat" up your dry rub. When you have the bird open flat, applying the rub in the inner side would give you enough of the heat, IMHO.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks for advice!  I will see what I can come up with!  Planning to do this sunday and I will try to have come qview up as well!
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    I will be watching.  What temp you going too cook at?
  6. probably try to stick as close as possible to 225
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    Any reason?
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    I'll be watching!


  9. nope just what I picked LOL  the uds usually likes to settle in between there and 250 if so if its in that range I just let it go.
  10. Was thinking of adding a blue moon beer to the brine.  Not sure yet... I might just drink all them..  [​IMG]

    Also while I have the old UDS up and running I'm going to toss a hunk of Spam on there because.. well I have to see how that tastes....  [​IMG]
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    I cook  birds over 300 for better skin.  Maybe the brine will help the skin?
  12. Oh not sure on the brine but I didn't know that about the skin.  I will let her ride a little higher then.  Thanks for letting me know!
  13. Good morning everyone I'm getting started with the chicken experiment. I decided for the brine to with a modified slaughter house. I used tony chacheres instead of Cajun seasoning and added 2tsp of sriracha sauce to a half gallon and heated it. I will cool that add the rest of the water and brine til this afternoon.

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    Good luck! :)
  15. Thanks! I think I will still separate some of my rub and add some heat to it also.. I hope I'm not over doing it.. LOL

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    Let us know how they turn out, spatchcocking is a great way to smoke a bird ! Good luck !
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    Well, that you will know only on... let's say, few hours later :D :D :D 
  18. Ha! Very true. Or when my wife takes a bite :)

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    Spatching is the only way I do whole birds anymore. The bird cooks way better. If it were me I'd fire up that UDS to 325-350, so you get a good crispy skin. Last turkey I did in the UDS I ran it at 385. Best turkey I've ever smoked. Chickens I smoke hot. You get plenty of smoke, crispy skin and a nice moist bird.
  20. [​IMG]

    All done and it was very tasty! Not as spicy as I anticipated but very good. And as for that spam... I will totally do that again!! That was almost better than the chicken!!

    I did smoke at about 275 to 280 and the skin was a bit tough still not man it got done fast!! I would call this a success though its pretty much all gone!

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