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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by vwbuggin, May 27, 2016.

  1. vwbuggin

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    Greetings everyone! I'm living in the central coast in Cali and enjoying the family and of course, smoking some good meats. I currently have 2 weber kettles, a smokey joe, and my newest addition is a vintage Big Boy (by Kelly mfg) red smoker. I'll be breaking this guy in with a pork butt using the amazing ribs rub called Memphis dust.

    When I am not at home, you can find me drving around in my 69 bug on my way to Vandenberg AFB where I am a civil servant and reservist. While I'm a civilian, I make sure the ISS (international space station) doesn't hit any objects and vise versa. During my one weekend a month, I take care of all the satellites in space and make sure they don't hit each other or debris in space. Really fun jobs in a great work environment,who could ask for anything more.
  2. lemans

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    Hey .. I saw your post on the weberkettle site.. Welcome to our addiction.. Love smoking on my kettle
    But any small key is a good smoke... We are here to help
  3. vwbuggin

    vwbuggin Newbie

    Thanks! I love smoking ribs on the kettle. I am still trying to find out info on the big boy smoker though. Thanks for the welcome and can't wait to start smoking (meat).
  4. cmayna

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    Forget smoking....I want to see pics of the '69 bug.  Wife and I had a '69 westy which we kick ourselves for selling so many years ago.  Now we have a '90 westy.  Fun toy.

    Vwbuggin, Welcome.
  5. vwbuggin

    vwbuggin Newbie

    Here are the pics as requested. It's an original Santa Maria car delivered to the dealership on 3 May 1969. All orginal including the interior. The only things that aren't are the wheels, the shifter, and of course, the roof rack
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  6. lemans

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    Ps.. I hate auto correct on the phone.. Correction
    " any smoke is a good smoke". Lol
    ( I was searching the net for your Big Boy smoker and came up with no leads.. You have a rare one !)
  7. smokinal

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Glad to have you aboard.

  8. ak1

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    Welcome aboard. Hope you have a great time here.

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