Cheap vertical smoker maybe worth a look!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by teeotee, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. teeotee

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    Found this on home depot's webiste. Haven't seen the thing in the flesh, so to speak so have no idea of build quality, thickness of metal, actual size of smoker etc etc. I do like the idea of the split doors for the front. Price is $69.00 with free shipping ...... very tempting.

  2. smokebuzz

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    Brinkman smoke N vault ,,have talker to a few that have them, mixed reweiws,. one thing a guy told and it kinda stuck with me "It's worth the 75 bux ,just ain't worth smoken with". they are thin, but heat rises ,so, it may not be to bad. I have never seen one in action, just seen them at wally world.
  3. teeotee

    teeotee Smoking Fanatic

    I've seen verts with the one piece door, don't recall seeing the split one. I could be mistaken ... or just having a few friday night barley pops [​IMG]
  4. capt dan

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    I have seen them too, the metal is pretty thin, like a tin can, but for the money, That's what ya get.
  5. It would make a good "starter" cooker.
  6. I have that exact model that I purchased at my local HD store. This model seems to be better made than the one at Wal-Mart. It may be the fact that there is more framing involved with the two doors that made if feel sturdier.

    Have used it a couple of times now. I did a chicken where I got the temps to 350 for a few hours and also a beef roast and fatty with temps holding at 240 for 6+ hours.

    I did replace the charcoal pan with the wok pan pictured below. I got this one at Lowes. I did have to cut the "handles" down a small amount to get it to slide in and out like I wanted. I used my Dremel and sliced about a 1/4" off of each handle lengthwise. First burn was at 240 for 6 hours and I can see no damage (maybe some slight warpage). I had zero issue with the fire choking out at the ash was able to fall through and collect in the bottom of the unit. You could probably put 10# of charcoal in this pan.

    I liked the double door as well as I can tend to the fire and water without losing all of the heat while doing so.

    You will not be able to do lots of meat at one time but if you are tight for space it will store much easier than a SnP.

    I do plan a major modification to mine in the next couple of weeks. Will post pics if it works like I hope.
  7. vlap

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    How has this held up? Did you notice any trouble with the coating (looks non-stick) burning?
  8. It did burn off during my test run but I did not smell any odor (other than good old smoke). I used it for a couple of cooks and did not notice any adverse flavors. I can't see any major deterioration of the metal. It may not last as long as the expanded metal but cost and ease of use was my consideration.

    I have not used it much since I modded my BV to use propane. Smoker had been boxed for about a month preparing to move from TN to FL. Got it put back together earlier this week and did a bit of tweaking to it today. Will take some pics of my new cooking area later to post.
  9. vlap

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    Are you moving to Palm Coast?
    Its a beautiful place with some good fishing. Only pain is there is not a pass to the gulf for many miles if you are boating. This maybe fixed in the future.
    I have friends who live close and thier parents live there. I will be heading that way some day.
  10. vlap

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    Oh yes... I stopped at lowes today to check the expanded metal to make a basket. They didn't have any but they had the same basket for $7 so I got one... I hope I can get it to fit sunday. You did this with a brinkman vertical?

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