Chaurice or Fresh Green Onion Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Feb 17, 2015.

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    I am not so sure that this is Chaurice like all the experts say. I never saw any paprika or chili powder in it, but all the experts on the WWW say so. I can't imagine why? But it must be true if its on the WWW right? We don't raise those type chilis or paprika, well not too commonly although we do have a sizable Spainish heritage. Yep, you guesed it we are just a melting pot of nationalities. If you have good food, we gonna steal the recipe and bend it to make it ours.

    The fresh green onion sausage is used a lot with beans. I had not gotten into it because it is not smoked, I love smoking so if it doesn't get smoked its no where close to the top of the list. I ground two butts yesterday, one for more cajun smoked sausage. That stuff I made the other day, well its 1/2 gone already and I only have away a couple a links. I hid it quickly, its that good.

    So why now? Remember this from the other day?

    So I cut up a few fresh ingredients

    Notice that fine mince job, I know, I know, I always do everything by hand but this time I used an old friend.

    This is am old Sunbeam Oscar, I have this and a Junior and they are really nice when its a bit more than I want to do. Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, spices, coffee...... They are pretty nice.

    Going to see what I can stir up and stuff.... be back soon.
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    Show me yours and I'll show you

    great little chopper... Been using it for years

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    I'll be watching.  Looks very interesting. Reinhard
  4. Mr Too  I'm in  

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    Hey Foam...... Is the house next to you for sale ??????? I think I got some Cajun blood in me.... If not, I at least have the appetite for the food.... And I like Bobby J. too..... but not that Mary L......
  7. foamheart

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    You should have known Mary Lou when she was younger, the college years she was a lot different. LOL Did I say that??
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    Back again.......... Are we ready?

    Remember its fresh.......... And I don't mean it pinched my butt. ya know its been along time since......., well not that kind of fresh anyway.

    Talk about make ya want a big pot of white beans, the aroma and the smell imprinting.

    Half done.

    Both done and knotted/linked.

    See all those green onion tops? I am going to say I used green onion thru out. Some folks for some reason will use red/white/yellow onions with the tops. Seems kind of silly if ya you got green onion tops, what else would you do with the bottoms.

    I had a couple of small links left over so I did the fry test....LOL I had just puntured the casing before they blew up....LOL

    About the time you see the nice caramalzation of the casing, I would hunk it up in probably about three pieces per link and throw in the bean pot. Thats just the way I do it, others have other ways I am sure.

    Lets see the Bear view. Remember I perforated the casings just before removing them.

    If you are planning a date the week of eatting these, at least be a gentleman and offer her some sausage so she too can stand a fighting chance, otherwise, no huggie body suckie face for you.

    Actually this picture looks better maybe....... <Munbles> Both taste the same.

    Lastly I'll share the recipe with you and I'll tell you IMHO you could cut back on the Cracked black. But as I am getting older hot foods just don't have the same appeal they did. Maybe reduce it to 2 tablespoons.

    Chaurice Sausage (Fresh Green Onion)

    10 lb                     medium ground pork (about 70/30)

    2C                         Green Onions Whites (Minced)

    2C                         Green  Onion Tops (Minced)

    1C                         Celery (Minced)

    ½ C                        Parsley (Minced)

    ½ C                        Fresh Garlic (Minced)

    ¼ C                        Sea Salt

    ¼ C                        Cracked Black

    1 T                         Cayenne

    1T                          Thyme

    Last thing it is fresh sausage, needs freezing. That means probably 3 months, 10 lbs. in 3 months is a load of beans. I would think about halfing the recipe.

    Also I googled it and looks around here, I was surprized most added allspice or cinnamin, or paprika, or red chilies. I have not seen these as I mentioned, it may make a better sausage but again I was looking to make what I knew.

    While I was making these I turned out somemore of the cajun smoked sausage, Probably smoke tomorrow. They look like this in the reefer....LOL

    Thats it for tonight. Oh and HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!

    PS:: You know after some thought and so re-tasting of what was ate, I think next time I would attempt this with a little sugar of some type to knock the sharp edges off the onion.
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    Foam ,the sausage looks great !!!
  10. boykjo

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  11. reinhard

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    Did great again Foam!!  My smoker has been a little quiet lately with this cold weather we have had.  10 below right now.  That sausage frying makes me feel a little warmer though.  Reinhard
  12. Man !!!   You have got to send me samples of that.  Nice Job.     [​IMG]

  13. woodcutter

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    That is some beautiful looking sausage!
  14. ajsmokes

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    Looks freakin delish
  15. chef willie

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    Nice job Kevin.....Chaurice was one of my first sausage making experiences.....look so good.....Willie
  16. foamheart

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     Thank you, I appreciate it.
  17. foamheart

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    Well its not smoked, but its in the freezer now all bedded down for the next pot of beans. Its kind of funny Pop asked me last night what I would use in the next pot of beans? Cured smoked hocks? Cured snoked trotters? Cajun Sausage sausage, Andouille, Bacon or green onion bacon...... I better start a pot of beans. LOL!

    Going to check the sausage in the smoker now.....
  18. Foam, give the onions a 5 minute blanch in some simmering water to kick down that onion bite. Won't even need the sugar...unless you like a bit of sweet in your life.
  19. timberjet

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    That stuff looks spectacular. I must try this. 
  20. foamheart

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    Thank you sir, you know your post reminded me I have fresh cabbage in the reefer in the garage!

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