Charl-Broil Vertical smoker @ Walmart. $158.00

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by graybeard, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. graybeard

    graybeard Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Is this a new line for Char-Broil? Looks just like a Smoky Mountain. I should have gotten the item number.
    Ps, it has a neat looking H2O pan BUT still small.

    beard NOW REDUCED TO $138.00 feb 19th-09
  2. nightowl

    nightowl Fire Starter

    I saw these at the local Wal Mart last night, no price and nobody around to ask. I called them today and the guy said they were $74.
    I have been looking at gas smokers and leaning towards the GOSM, but for $74, I might have to try the Char Broil.
  3. graybeard

    graybeard Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    nightowl, the $74 is a smaller version made by Brinkman. (I think)
  4. nightowl

    nightowl Fire Starter

    I am going to stop by and double check. I explained to him on the phone that it was a Char Broil verticle gas smoker, they had 3 in boxes stacked on the floor back in the garden dept. back where nobody goes until they fill it up with summer stuff. He said that was what he scanned and it was $74. I am going to try to stop this afternoon on the way to work.
  5. nightowl

    nightowl Fire Starter

    Just got back from Wal Mart. It wasn't the Char Broil I was looking at. But they did have the GOSM gas smokers. The larger one for $130 and the 16" wide for $74. I came home with the $74 one.
  6. john_mastrix

    john_mastrix Newbie

    i just bought the 139.99 model and started my brisket tonight. while putting it together i slid the bottom drawer (pan / chip holder) out to find that the welds on the slides were broken. so, i took it back to walmart and ran around the store trying to return mine and get a new one, nobody there was very helpful. i ended up with the last one in the store, the display model... which was quite nice considering that it was fully assembled and i had already half way assembled my first one.

    i returned home with brisket in and smoker in tow. the first thing i noticed about this smoker is that the water pan and chip cup are one piece, with no opening for direct heat or airflow. also, the water pan is sort of shallow. the lack of direct airflow made initially getting the smoker up to temp a rather lengthy process. i hit 225 on the digital therm and put the brisket inside. things ran smoothly for a while, then disaster struck.

    i notice a more than acceptable amount of smoke coming from the unit and went to investigate. when i looked inside i noticed that the pan was out of water and the grease in the pan was on fire. i quickly threw the water on the flames and put them out. the brisket was fine since the fire had not been going long.... then... i noticed the temperature slowly dropping. the propane tank was almost empty. i ran to seven eleven and bought another tank then went home and switched them out.

    i began having problems keeping a consistent temperature, i'm nto sure if it was the smoker or possibly the connection on the propane tank.

    i'm going to play with the smoker a little more tomorrow and see if i can't figure out what the issue is.

    also, the smoker is fairly sturdy and quite heavy. i believe that with a few modifications to the water pan this could be a great smoker for the price.
  7. deoredx

    deoredx Newbie

    I was looking at this one and the water pan/ wood holder seemed like the weakest link. I was wondering if a plain deep metal baking pan can be adapted to fit into possibly the lowest rack to use as a water pan. Of course then you lose the ability to just use the drawer to check everything.
  8. nightowl

    nightowl Fire Starter

    I have the 16" GOSM and did a stuffed loin last weekend on a 30 degree windy snowy day. I kept the smoker out of the wind and kept the temp between 250-260 and that was with the temp control just under medium. I have used it a couple times and seem to be able to keep the temp right where I want it. The only thing I did was bend the tab on the top vent so I can close it a little farther. I am going to use a bigger pan for the wood chips next time. I wish the water pan was bigger also.
  9. I bought the Char-Broil Vertical at HD last summer, and promptly converted it to run on Natural gas.

    It is now slightly less heat than when new because I did not have the correct bit to drill out the orifice. It works well.

    The thermometer built into the door is not accurate but I can live with that. The door fits and the latch is tight.

    The chip pan is cast iron and the water pan is enamel coated.

    Waiting for above freezing weather so I can start again.[​IMG]
  10. deoredx

    deoredx Newbie

    I was in Home Depot today and they had a CharBroil vertical gas that was totally different then the one I saw in Wal Mart. Much much nicer. The water pan and chip pan were two separate pans instead of built into one. They were also pretty deep and sizable. The front door has a nice curve too it pleasing too the eye. It use a top and bottom door instead of the door and drawer setup they had in Wal Mart. If I had seen it before I bought my GOSM I probably would have bought it instead.

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