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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by 1894, May 2, 2008.

  1. 1894

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    As best I can tell the CG super pro and smokin' pro are the same EXCEPT the opening for the side fire box is a "knock out" type thing that looks very well attatched. I've only heard about one person that tried to add the SFB to the super , and said they had a tough time getting that cut-out ,out.
    Any one here actually do one ? My neighbor has a super and wants me to help him install the SFB , Any tips ? If it turns out fairly easy I will probably be doing the same thing for myself. No smokin' pros avail localy , but the super and fire box are.

  2. chargrilled

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    Yes Phil, I had to knock mine out, it really wasnt that hard although I have the "older style CG" where the legs come up right into the barrel. I had to take the side shelve off and I think I took the lid off. I believe I used a hammer and piece of wood???? My directions were pretty good. The fella that had a hard time with the knock out I believe had used his as a grill for quite some time before adding the SFB. You can see the spot welded tabs from inside the main chamber. That is where I concentrated on.

    Hope this helps.
  3. 1894

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    HHmmm , spot welded tabs too , them dirty little .... My neighbor has been using his for a couple of years , so I guess some cleansing will be in order. Mayby a grinder to thin those spot welds may help. Thanks [​IMG]

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    I done the same as chargrilled. I used a 2lb engineers hammer and a metal chisel right on the welds. Popped straight out. It makes a fair bit of noise but sounds worse than it is. When you bolt the firebox on apply a bead of high temp sealant.
  5. 1894

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    What a peice of cake !!!!! Haven't done my neighbors yet , but went out and got mine yesterday [​IMG] Super easy when new , stood the bottom 1/2 on end , cut a 2x6 to fit inside and one wack with a hammer and screwdriver for each little tack weld moving the board for each one. No distortion at all like I was worried about.
    Didn't find any hi-temp sealant , and just went ahead and put it together so I could fire it up and at least give everything a good burn-off. I'm guessing a fireplace / woodstove caulk would be in order ?
    Any ways , back to distilling the tons of info here on the mods and adjustments I want to do before I start cooking on it. Hopefully by this weekend.


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