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  1. i bought a charbroil electric smoker with the thermostat dial from freds for a pretty good price i couldnt pass up. the thermostat dial worked great. maintained temp very well. well insulated and temp guage was pretty accurate. since the temp guage is at the top of the smoking chamber i was thinking of adding one down closer to the heating element in the bottom. how much difference in temp is it from the top to the bottom of the smoking chamber and is it worth the trouble to add another temp guage?     thanks
  2. some pics of the charbroil electric smoker.............

  3. i replaced the magnetic latch with a simple steel window lock and added a steel handle to the wood chip box......

    i like it so far. i added a steel handle to the wood chip box to add more chips quickly during the smoke and minimize heat and smoke loss.
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  4. i like the thermostat control. easy to adjust temp and the chips smoke good. the temp guage seems to be pretty good but i'm still thinking about adding another guage down lower than the one that came with it just to compare......

    temp guage seems pretty accurate and thermostat maintains temp well.

    done six smokes already!
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