Char-siu ribs

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  1. playing games with some old favorites combined, I love Char-siu pork and while I've made my own Char-siu sauce, I've found that the Noh packaged product is really very good and easy, especially when you mix it 50/50 with something other than water[​IMG]

    Build a fire 

    add some rub, a pretty sweet one--retaining the Char-siu liquid to add to the foiling time

    And here we go.....

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  2. disco

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    Looking good so far! I'm in for the duration.


  3. chef willie

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    LOL.....brings back a memory. I used that product once on a pork loin and it turned the meat a pink color. Kinda off putting and I wound up making tacos outta it.
  4. it does make the meat pink but as long as you're expecting it, it's OK.  We've used it for years for oven baked pork tenderloin etc.  I didn't mention that I did it as an over night marinade
  5. and into the foil....

  6. disco

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    MMMMM. Looking good.

  7. Anybody ever put a little Char-siu in the rub? I know, crazy idea. But maybe......?
  8. don't know why it wouldn't work, I did this 'cause I'm adapting what i've done before but we'l see how it works 
  9. Unwrapped and some appetizers added

  10. And done.....

  11. And the verdict is?
  12. they were VERY tastey, my family would have preferred that they were a little closer to fall off the bone but I thought they had a nice bite to them, meat was well flavored, didn't show to much of the pinkness that was mentioned by Chef Willie, nice smokiness and the right kind of sweet, we'll definitely do this one again [​IMG]

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