Catering Gig with Brisket, Dutch's Beans and More - Lot's of Qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by the dude abides, May 2, 2011.

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    A friend of mine's daughter had her first communion yesterday.  He and his wife asked if I would do the cooking.  How could I say no to that.  My biggest challenge was that my smoker isn't really big enough to handle cooking for a crowd.  That and with the 3:00pm start time I wanted to make sure there were no delays on my end.  So I cooked a brisket and a bone-in butt on Saturday, and did the beans and sausages on Sunday.  Everything timed out exactly perfect.  I arrived at their house with the food a half an hour before the start of the party.

    On with the show...

    Here's the brisket.  A 9 pounder of USDA Prime with almost no fat




    I did an injection with the following plus a little worchetshire sauce



    For the rub I used Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning.  It was ok, not much of the flavor came through in the end.


    On the WSM over a butt on the lower grate


    The WSM was a hero!  Ran a steady 220*-230* for 11 hours on an 18lb load of Cowboy lump adding a chunk of white oak every couple of hours.  I put the brisket on at 9:30am.  At 7:30 the brisket hit 170*.  Since I was serving the next day (and with the advice of some fellow SMF friends) I foiled with some beef broth and put it in the fridge overnight.  I had to cut it in half to fit into a pan.


    The next morning I put the foiled pan into the oven until it reached 190*.  That took 4 hours.  I let it rest for a half hour then started slicing.  I had to do it in the oven since I was using the smoker for the beans and sausages.


    Had a decent little ring


    I also did a double batch of Dutch's Baked Beans.  Those were a first for me.  I did leave out the heat since there were a lot of kids and some grandparents.  They were a hit.  Thanks Dutch!


    I also made a butt and some sausages.  I'll post the butt in the pork area.


    I ended up with 2 pans of brisket, 2 pans of beans, 1 pan of sausages and a big crock pot filled with pulled pork.  I tried to sneak a couple of quick pics at the start of party.




    I even had a couple of people ask me about catering for future parties!

    Thanks for looking.

    Here's the link to the butt cook
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    Boy Jay you really put out some good looking food for the party. Now I'm thinking your gonna be doing this more often. Your a natural at the catering thing. Everything you cooked looks delicious. I'm thinking "Dude's Catering" is in the future! Of course a bigger smoker is on the horizon as well.
  3. boykjo

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    looks great...[​IMG]  
  4. Fantastic job Dude!!! Everything looks great. I bet everyone left with a full belly and a new found taste for Que...[​IMG]
  5. scarbelly

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    Great job Jay!!! Congrats on a smashing success!
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    Very Nice [​IMG]
  8. fife

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  9. the dude abides

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    Thanks gang!
  10. Man that all looks great. That was so cool of you to do that for your friends. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than cooking for friends and family.[​IMG]
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  12. bearcarver

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    Everything looks just right!

    Nice job Jay!

  13. bassman

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    That's  a good looking smoke and I agree with the others about needing a larger smoker.  [​IMG]
  14. shooter1

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    Very cool, excellent job Dude! I'm sure it was a labor of Love and much appreciated.
  15. sqwib

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    Awesome job Dude.
  16. Could be a second job nice looking Q[​IMG]
  17. the dude abides

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    Thank you everyone.  I wish I was doing it again this weekend.
  18. Ha, I just noticed that UV. That stuff isn't bad for the price. [​IMG]
  19. flyfishjeep

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    Everything looks really good!  And I put my vote in for you and a larger smoker! [​IMG]
  20. oldschoolbbq

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    Duder, you are getting this Smoking bug bad.You need to be thinking of a bigger Smoker;maybe something like this:


    I did my Son's wedding and had 40#of Brisket andButts-80#.We fed 150people and a Motorcycle Club.Was a blast.Son almost didn't remember to say I do(crazy drunk-I did the first time,then they got old hat[​IMG]

    Have fun and,

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