Cajun Keilbasa for Fat Tuesday

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  1.   Made some Pork Kielbasa with Cajun spices for Fat Tuesday.  Sorry about the quality of my pics.  Didn't really take the time to take quality shots.


    Had to cook one off fresh to see what it tastes like.  Very good!


    In the smoker for 2 hrs @ 120 to dry out before smoke application.


    next double smoke in AMZN with hickory pellets @ 135 for 2 hrs


    Pulled from smoker and into a water bath to bring internal temp to 156


    Pulled from water bath and into an ice bath to stop cooking process. Then back on the sticks for a few hours to bloom



    Wish I had better pictures but it I was really happy how it turned out



    Fried some up with some onions and peppers and creole shrimp and made some jambalaya sandwiches with provolone cheese and Cajun mayo.


    I was really happy with the way this sausage turned out.  Thanks to all of you guys on this site for giving me the tools to finally start producing some good product.  Snack Sticks next!
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    That all looks great, especially that Samich! Kielbasa w Cajun Spice...Isn't that Andouille?...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Thanks for the Qview  

    Le' Bon Temps Roule'   Ieeeee
  4. That sammitch looks awesome! Great job.
  5. werdwolf

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  6. That looks AWESOME !!!!!!

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    great looking sammie........[​IMG]

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    The sausage and the sandwich both look awesome.[​IMG]
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    Now thats some good looking sausages you have there. Now thats a good thing about making it ourselves you can make it with anythig that you want to. Now I do like the sandwich als. 
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    That's some good looking sausage!

    Care to share the recipe?
  11. It was really a simple recipe.  I actually made it out of a 9lb full pork loin.  I knew the loin wouldn't have nearly enough fat for sausage so I picked up a 3lb pack of bacon ends and pieces.  Ground it with simple 2c ice water with salt, pepper, and a Cajun spice mix I found in the bulk food section at Win Co.  It was a mix of chili, cayenne, paprika, red chilly flake, thyme sugar and oregano I believe.  Other than that I just put some non fat dried milk in my spice grinder zipped it down to a fine powder.  I had to work that evening and only had two days to make it so I had to get the grind (ground twice) mix and stuff all done in 3hrs so I kept it really simple.  It really turned out tasty, for as little consideration that went into the recipe.  And the fat content from the bacon worked very well.  As far as the cooking process, I got a message from Cougar78 a while back and he showed me how to smoke then poach the sausage to keep it nice and plump.  And it cuts cook time down by a fraction!  That guy really turns out some great stuff!
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