Cajun Chicken Cooker review

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by megt123, Jul 5, 2013.

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    I picked up a Cajun Cooker off of Amazon for $50 about two weeks ago. I got it cheap because it supposedly had a "blem" in it. When I got it it had all of the parts and the only thing I saw was a very small indentation on the middle section bottom. So yesterday me and my buddy fired it up to do a test round for a competition. I was surprised that their thermometers held a good temp. Now this is similiar to a Napolean in that it has three sections. The bottom section didn't leak any smoke at all. The middle connected to the bottom and top did and where the bars for the hangers go there are small slits for smoke to escape.I put to many coals in so when it finally got down to the temp I needed ( 250-275) it held it there for almost three hours. Not bad for a cheap smoker. I am going to do some mods to it.I am not using it at any competition because my buddy has a WSM 22. So for anyone getting started in smoking I will recommend the Cajun Injector Chicken Cooker.
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    Do you have a Qview of the Cajun Cooker to share with us so we can better understand what it is?

    Also, if you would kindly include your location in your profile, thank you!

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