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  1. I have found a used 12" cabelas model 39-1201 commercial slicer. I can't find much of anything about it. I did find one review. That said it was hard to take apart to clean. Also to keep a supply of the cheap screws that hold the blade on. does anyone know anything about this model. Or have any thoughts on the cabelas brand slicer???

    Thanks and happy smoken.

  2. Is it made by Chefs Choice? If it is that one I have a friend who has one & I can get the scoop for you...
  3. YesI belive  it is made by Chefs choice.

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  4. Ok David - I will try to get hold of him & get back to you as soon as I get the scoop  [​IMG]
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    I worked for Cabelas in camping for 3 years. we sold the heck out of these slicers. At one time they were made by CC. Dont know if they are now or not. Call Cabelas in Nebraska and they can tell you.
  6. Thanks
  7. I can't find that model listed in their online catalog

  8. Ok - heard back from him... He said it works good for what he uses it for. If the meat is too cold & you try to go fast it will bog down & the belt will slip - other than that it slices great. It does take a little longer to get it apart for a good cleaning compared to the high dollar models but according to him it's not that terribly bad & one of the blade screws was always working loose but he put a bit of Teflon tape on it & stopped that. The last thing he said was that someone told him belts are hard to get if they break. Overall he says he is happy with it & would buy it again if he had it to do over...
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    Have that slicer and wouldn't buy it again!  Cant get parts for it!  Cabelas don't carry them and CC wont sell them to you!
  10. Thanks for checking.

  11. Thanks for your reply

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    Sounds like Weston when they made some of the Cabelas stuffers, dehydrators. Breaks oh well to bad.
  13. No problem  [​IMG]
    That doesn't sound too promising then... 
  14. Well I guess the search is back on. Thanks everyone for their

    I'm still looking for a hobart

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    Exactly like Weston an I got caught in that one also!
  16. I joined the forum about a month ago and the first thing I did, was take my slicer back to the store.

    Found a Hobart and paid $200...Its worth the wait to find one on CL, use the app vs the website and you can do expanded searches over multiple geographies.

    This hobby is too expensive to buy equipment several times...My Hobart is 12 yrs old and my kids will inherit it in another 5-50 yrs
  17. thanks. i will keep looking.

  18. I agree I have a small slicer. I want something that will do bacon. I can do it by hand till I find a good one.

    My knife work

    Happy smoken.

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    Hobart is the only way to go.

    Love mine.

    Meat can be frozen and slice right though.
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    I have a Cabelas slicer as well.. not sure of the model number... it was a combo package of the slicer and a digital scale... I'm really not all that fond of the slicer.. it has an open blade (meaning the whole blade isn't covered like the higher end models)... so after I slide the table and slice.. the other side of the blade (going up in the rotation) will actually lift the meat up off the table and try to flip it.... so every time I go to slide it back to make another slice.. I have to stop and reposition the meat back to where I started... that's more of a pain in the ass then cleaning...

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