Butt headed to the smoker

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  1. Here is the butt rubbed down and chickens in the brine.  Butt went on the smoker this morning before work but forgot to take a pic as I was kinda in a hurry to get it on and get to work. 

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    Might stick around and see how this turns out :drool
  4. [​IMG]I'll wait for it!
  5. [​IMG]    [​IMG]  Ready & waiting to see the finish pics..
  6. OK well got home from work and it was at 180 so a little later than I wanted to but went ahead and added my foiling juice and foiled. here are the pics of when it came out along with the chickens.

    here is is getting the foiling juice and foiled


    and here are the chickens getting stuffed with the extras from the brine and ready for the smoker


    and the butt coming off and getting pulled

  7. One more of it completely pulled


    and the chickens fresh off the smoker

  8. well I believe I officailly earned the job of cook for the office.  had to reheat on a little charcoal grill but eveyone said it was the best they have ever had.  thanks to everyone for your help on here.  Now gotta get ready to do on friday night for derby party on saturday.  I am thinking about adding an apple juice and bourbon injection but cant decide since this one was so good.
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    Looks Great!
  10. Looks Good![​IMG]
  11. Man that butt looks fantastic. OK spent too much time looking at other people's smoked butts, going to have to try one now. It looks so delicious too. Thanks for sharing.

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