Brinkmann Square Vertical Smoker

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by cameronh, Jul 27, 2009.

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    That should work fine. Just remember to pick up a meat thermometer or two while your shopping they are also very important in the smoking process. You can go with this smoker or the ECB both may need some mods but both will produce some great food.
    Another idea is to see what may be on your local Craigslist
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    Seems to be a pretty decent little rig for the money. I was considering getting one awhile back. The lower door for coal/smoke wood/water pan maintenance during the smoke is a big plus, as you won't drop chamber temps nearly as much as a single door will.

    That's a pretty good price for the smoker, too. It's $74 @ wally world.

    Getcha that smoker and let the thin blue begin!

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    don't forget to look around on craigslist, thats where i found my smoker
  5. That is the same smoker that I have. It took a little while to get the heat going until I got the vegetable wok and used that as the charcoal tray. I also did some mods like mounting it on an old gas grill frame so that I could wheel it around and had some shelves on each side. I also put concrete board on the three sides and top. I got the idea from one of the posts on here, that seems to help with heat retention. One other thing that I recommend if you don't already have one is a charcoal chimmney. That made my life so much easier to get a fire going. Every time I reload the charcoal pan, I just start a chimmney full about 30-45 minutes prior and by the time the temp starts dropping, I just dump in the already hot coals.
    Good luck and I hope that you have many good smokes.
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    Check out the propane forum, it my new project this week.
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    I bought one a couple of days ago, and it's a good little smoker. It doesn't hold a lot (only two meat levels) but I was able to do a rack of ribs and a 5lb brisket. Probably could have got a bit more but since was the first time using it.... I did a couple of modifications for it, drilled about 6 holes in the bottom of the charcoal pan to get additional air flow. I also put insulation on three sides and top. This insulation is that 1/4 to 1/2 inch silver insulation you can put around HVAC or even water heaters. It works great, keeps the heat in (I'm able to put my hand against it when the smoker is going with no problems). This helps keep the heat going for a longer period, may save you a bit of charcoal in the long run. Doesn't cost a lot. It has four vents (two on the top unit, two on the bottom unit). I kept them open most of the time but you'll figure out what works best. Didn't take me long to season it yesterday and then this morning fired it up and was going all day. Hope this helps.

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