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  1. hey everyone, I was thinking about making some sausage and wanted to know if anyone here had a recipe for some good bratwurst seasoning? thanks
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    This is shooter Ricks Brat Recipe. Posted here earlier. I used it this past weekend. It is great!

    5 lbs ground pork or 4lbs ground pork and 1 lb lean beef
    1 TBS ground coriander
    1.5 tsp good paprika
    1 tsp ground black pepper
    1 TBS Kosher salt
    2 tsp dried rosemary
    4 tsp sugar
    2 tsp cayenne pepper
    1 TBS sage
    1.5 TBS dry mustard
    1 tsp nutmeg
    1/4 cup soy concentrate
    1 cup cold water

    Mix all spices and cold water together and mix well into meat. Stuff hog casings and form links. Use or freeze promptly.
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    I have never made a brat seasoning but just about every grocery store and butcher shop around here sells mixes for several different kinds of brats and other sausage. We just picked up a bunch of their brats and sampled them and decided which mix we liked the best and went there to buy our mix.
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    I have made alot of brats and have used alot of different spice kits and recipes from the book Sausage making and curing meat by Rytek Kutaz it's normally calld "The Bible" and it has some really good recipes in it to. Now that one that Rick makes looks prettydarn good but I like my sausage alittle on the hot side so I would add maybe a tsp red pepper flakes. Then let it sit in the refrig overnight and then stuff it. Can you do us a favor and swing into Roll call and introduce yourself and your equipment  for us.
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    Ricks does have a bit of heat to it.  Though red pepper flakes or upping the cayenne would be good too!
  10. thanks for all the links guys, I'm going to use a combo with a little bit added from all the recipes, I'm kinda on the fence about adding the egg whites? but one thing I'm going to use for a twist is I'm going to roll the meat up in soaked corn husks and tie the ends with string. I will post pic's
  11. got'em on the smoker and I could only do about 5 because I had a hell of a time grinding the meat I had to stop and clean the blade every 30 sec, so I just gave in and in going to cook the rest of the meat with the sausage and I added some green chilies and onions with is and make some carne guisada
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    If you make sure your meat is partially frozen and your grinder plates are cold you will have less problems when grinding.

    What type grinder are you using and what size plates?
  13. it was 90% frozen and the grinder is a universal #2 and it was cold as  I was pork shoulder too so its not the easiest to grind
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    Glad to see you enjoyed it!
  15. here's some pic's[​IMG] of the sausage, It don't have a strong taste but, its pretty tasty, it taste like a cross between a smoked sausage and summer sausage

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    I had no less than 30 people over for the NFC Championship game and did up 30lbs of these guys. There was none left. Cooked via a simmer in beer/butter/onions, then grilled with hickory/misquite smoke.

    Soooooo, goood.
  17. Can I add cheese to shooter ricks receipe and will it come out ok?  How much cheese and would chedder be ok?  My wife loves cheeder brats and Ricks receipe looks super tasty.
  18. I have used shooterricks a few times and everbody loves em. And yes i have added cheese on occasion. Ussually 6 to 10 percent depending on your tastes. Thanks for the great recipe Rick!

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