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Discussion in 'Beef' started by truckgooroo, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. I was given a bone in New York strip yesterday to smoke on Thursday.  Maybe I'm not seeing it or I'm missing it.  This is not just one steak but the whole dang piece of meat.

    My question is this:  Since it's got the bone, should I smoke it with or without the bone?  How hot and how long?  I was thinking smoking it at about 225*, but don't know how long.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    You can smoke it either way.  Some will say that leaving the bone in provides for additional flavor.  I'm not so sure of that any more.  The bone will affect how the meat immediately near it cooks.  Basically, that meat will be a little less cooked that the rest of the loin.   IF it were me, and you have the ability to do it (along with a good boning or filet knife) I'd debone it in a heartbeat.

    For the cook, 225 is spot on and I'd pull it between 127 and 130 so it's just hitting at mid rare from carryover cooking.   If you want to do a nice reverse sear on it for a crispy crust, pull it at about 125-120 then throw it on a nice hot grill and roll it around until you hit the 127-130 temp.   Obviously, if you want it a bit more done, pull it off at a higher internal temp depending on your tastes.
  3. Count my vote in for reverse sear ..tried it a few months ago and its the only way I do my steaks now.
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    What they said!!!

    reverse sear would be perfect

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