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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by smokeydokey, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. As a newbie here, I want to thank all of you for all the great advice you so willing share. It has really made a difference, and sped up the learning curve considerably.

    I would like to give back now by sharing with you.

    We live in Phoenix and have the great fortune of have 2 growing seasons, and even though it is December, we're harvesting tomatoes. They are runty, but man, do they pack a punch!

    The love of my life is a good Southern Girl from North Carolina who insisted that we plant not only Okra, but Collards as well. I grudgingly gave up precious garden space for these trifles, but what an eyeopener...

    I made my first run at bacon a couple of weeks ago, and since I have no commercial slicer, I made my chunks rather small ( 6 inches) so I could get decent results with a good kitchen knife.

    I did a quick cure with just kosher salt and Grade B maple syrup for 4 days. Then rinsed, dried and covered the bacon with fresh cracked pepper and smoked over cherry wood for 8 hours at 100-140 degrees. It turned out very well. I did a small batch and froze until needed.

    I thought we had made the best BLT on the planet until we ran out of lettuce, so I grabbed a collard leaf as a substitute. A VERY happy accident! Raw Collard greens are really spicy and crunchy, and the flavor added a whole new dimension to the classic sandwich. If you are lucky enough to be able to procure some fresh greens, give it a try.

    Heres a photo of my components. Good luck and happy smoking!


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  2. roller

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    Good me some collards..thanks
  3. smokinal

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    Good looking bacon!
  4. slownlow

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    great looking bacon, great looking plate of  food!
  5. scarbelly

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    Thanks for sharing the idea with us. You bacon looks great 
  6. Thanks for the comments. The smaller pieces really slice well, so I will keep using that size. Also, I think that the smaller size helped get a good flavor going with the short cure time. I am now doing a cure using some TenderQuick so I can let it ride a longer time. and get more of that maple goodness infused in the pork belly. That stuff is hard to source! I've got a good local supplier now, so I'll feel better and safer about sharing my smoky treats with friends and family.

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    Thanks Smokey, I've gotta try me a BCT sammie [​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing

    [​IMG]  for the Qview
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    If you like collards you should try Polk's great with bacon.[​IMG]
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    great idea ill have to give it a try
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    Great looking bacon
  11. You want to try something good?

    Corned beef with collards instead of cabbage. 
  12. Man, does THAT sound good! Ms. SmokeyDokey about lost her mind at the very idea of it... Do you smoke your brisket before the corning process?
  13. You always cure then smoke.

    And if you wander the threads around here much, you'll realize that when you smoke a corned beef, you're making pastrami, with the addition of spices added before smoking.  Search "pastrami" and you'll see a bunch of threads on it.  Though of course a smoked corned beef without the pastrami-type spices is still damn yummy, some folks might even like it better.

    When I make corned beef and collards, I usually pressure cook it, makes it a pretty quick meal, and tender, both the meat and the collards. 
  14. Who Knew!?  There is SO much info on this site it is difficult to get around to all the stuff you want to.

    i adore pastrami, so I guess that will be on my list. since I have no pressure cooker, I will probably try the Collards and CB in my crock pot, I've always had great results with that.

    I can hardly wait to try it out.

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