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    Just last evening I finished up packaging about 6-1/2 lbs of bacon I cured and triple cold smoked. Took 2 packages to my mom and my wife took 2 to work so before I even got to really enjoy any of it stock piles are dangerously low. So today I picked up a 10.83 lb pork belly and will start the process over again.
    I am trying a different recipe "Black Forrest Maple Bacon" with spices I've never used so I hope it comes out well. I'll find out in about month.

    Recipe based on approximately a 10lb pork belly


    • Morton Tender Quick at a rate of 1 TBLS per lb. Note: 1 TBLS = 12g
    Dry ingredients:
    • 75g black pepper
    • 12g ground nutmeg
    • 12g ground mace
    • 7 g ground cardamom
    • 100g white sugar

    Additional ingredients:

    • Maple syrup and or maple sugar
    • 20" food grade Bus pan w/ lid, or....
    • Zip top bags with a catch pan underneath, or...
    • Vacuum bags.

    1. Apply dry ingredients at a rate of 80% to the meat side and 20% to the rind side (you may not use all the spice mixture its a judgment thing). Then apply maple sugar and/or syrup to the meat side at a rate of a couple of glugs of syrup or 1 TSP of maple sugar per lb. Place bacon in the bus tub meat side op and cover w/ lid for 10 to 14 days flipping periodically.

    2. Then removed and rinse well with cold water toweled dry then apply coat of maple sugar of 1 or 2 TSP per lb at a rate of 80% meat side 20% rind side. Then back in the clean bus tub for 7 to 10 days meat side up.

    3. Remove bacon from tub so it can be washed and dried. Place racks in tub then the bacon on the racks to air dry for a day or 3. I also bought a 120v 10cfm fan to put in the fridge to circulate air. While not necessary it does help keep the temp inside the fridge more uniform and helps dry out the bacon a little more.

    4. Cold smoke with wood/s of your choice (i'll use apple) over several days for totaling 30 to 40 hours

    5. Hang in basement or other cool environment for 5 to 7 days to age.

    6. Portion, package and enjoy.

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    Should be good. Recipe looks ok to me as far as the spices go.
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    Sounds good so far!
  4. The "Glug" The most accurate of measure that we all use though we may not admit it.

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