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  1. Well its about 1230 on a Saturday morning, so I figure it is about as good as time as ever to start my smoke. S here are some pictures and descriptions as I wait for the smoker to heat up.

    This was about 330 yesterday afternoon. Just getting the mustard base on.

    This was after the first rub.

    Getting the injection sauce ready. Yes, that is the fiancée whisk. She refuses to get rid of it. [​IMG]

    This was final dusting to clot the injection holes. My theory is that the seasoning works like Quick Clot. That way all the marinade stays in the meat. The yellow stems are corn cob holders. That way if the meat does leak, it has a place to run back in to the pan. Instead of all of over the refrigerator.

    This was pulled out of the fridge about midnight. Trying to make sure this is all done by 6pm tomorrow. That is when all the guests start arriving for my birthday party.

  2. First off Happy Birthday! I too wanted to cook on my birthday but the wife wouldn't let me. Looks good so far!
  3. Thanks
  4. This is the pork after 6 hours. The bottom one is just starting to stall at 171°; and the top one is right about 12° warmer.
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    HAPPY B DAY..u got my stomach growling already..lookin gooooood
  6. Happy Birthday!  [​IMG]      [​IMG]      Looks like you're right on track & getting some good bark forming too  [​IMG]   Should be some great eatin later on  [​IMG]
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    Looks good from here!

    Keep showing that q-view!

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    LOL... Saturday at 12:30 was sure messing with my mind, especially with the time stamp saying 9+ hours ago......LOL I need more coffee.

    Happy Happy Man

    Looks like an excellant start to a great Birthday Bash!
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    I hope someone is bringing you a steady supply of beverages while your smoking. It is dry work and it is your birthday!

    The pork is looking great!

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  10. The top shoulder just got pulled and now resting. It was reading about 205° when I pulled it. The bottom one isn't too far behind at 190°, but it seems to be stalling a little. But it was about 3lbs or so bigger. Thanks for all support and birthday wishes.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to start drinking yet, as I still have to hang new flood lights on the house for tonight's party (among all the other things the soon to be wife wants done).

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  11. Looks like it turned out perfect  [​IMG]
  12. Who's birthday is it?!! Hee! Save me a sammie!
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    LOL..  ain't the way things go, ya gotta work so you can have a party. And you think, well once its done I won't have to do that again. Then when you get everything just right and comfortable, you need a new house!
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  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Looks good so far!


  15. Isn't that the truth.
  16. This is the last one, just put her down to rest. She has about 5 hours before the party starts.

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    Nice bark!
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    Great looking Birthday Butt!!! Happy Smokin Birthday!!
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    That is some mighty tasty looking pork and sorry but late but Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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