Big test this weekend for the BGE

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  1. I'm in the UK right now and bought a BGE. I've got to do two pork butts, a brisket, 4 or 5 sets of ribs, and two chickens for a party on Monday. I did a trial run of ribs on Sunday. When I opened the ribs I got from the butcher I see that they like to take that slab of meat off the outside of the ribs. I should have payed more attention to detail. A couple of my wife's family tried it and thought it was good. I thought it was crap. So, with no real test run I'm diving in. I placed an order with a different butcher and he's supposed to leave the meat on the bones.(fingers crossed). That's coming today and I think I'll start with the butts tomorrow. Seems no one has tried it done this way. All are looking forward to it. No pressure seeing that I mostly use a MES at home. Oh yes, my temps. were at 290*. Had the vents pretty much closed. Any help/tips for a large BGE would be appreciated.
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    You better start early, you'll never get that all on a BGE. Good luck.
  3. Make sue that the top section of your egg does not have a air leak around the gasket. You may have to adjust the rings that hold it together. don't chase your temps. Start closing down the air before you over shoot your temp. the Patience.

    Happy smoken.

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    hopefully you have a plate setter with your really helps with the indirect cook/smoke of your items..start with the shoulders, you can do 2 at a time on can run the temp range between 225 and 275..just watch internal temp and double wrap at 165 IT and pull at 200 it and place in a cooler with some towels..they can set for awhile..up to 4-5 hours. next do your brisket...same thing on temp..165 and 200...also same on the cooking temp..225-275 will for the ribs...hope you have a rib rack..225-250 cook temp...depending on the thickness of the ribs do a 2-2-1 or a 3-2-1 for chickens, brine them puppies overnight and take the breast meat to 165 IT...just remember..adjust temp with the intake...good luck and don't forget the q-view
  5. Thanks guys! Planning doing this over 3 days. No leaks around the gasket. Thanks "themule69". Also, I did adjust the vents but what u said made me think I need to be more aggressive. Probably easier to heat temps. up than cool down with one of these. I have the plate setter and thanks for reminding to foil at 165* "redneck69. I would have forgotten, It's been a bit. The ribs, hmmmm, didn't come as planned. They came full length, already sliced, more meat than the others but not like what we get, and only ten singles. The butcher made the drop at the house and told me that was what he understood. No more drinking on Sunday nite telling someone what I would like and he passes it on to the butcher the next morning. The butcher and I are on the same page now, but he doesn't know about baby backs. He told me he was going to look into it. I took the ribs anyway. They're full length with a bit of meat on each one. I'll have to improvise but I think they'll turn out okay. Butts on Saturday, brisket Sunday, ribs Monday. Oh yes, no chickens, that didn't get passed along. More tips about using the EGG are welcomed.

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