Berkel 808 cleaning and lubrication

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  1. So picked up a berkel 808 runs good but could use a good cleaning and some lubricant. This is my first slicer so what do I grease this thing up with and what's the best cleaners to use on these? When is the berkel 808 from?

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    I think he's got you covered!

    I just use a little 3-1 oil on the moving parts & sharpen the blade once in a while. I have a Torrey 12" commercial slicer.

  3. So no special kinda cleaners or sanitizers or oils people use?
  4. smokinal

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    We just take it apart after using & clean with Dawn liquid soap. Dry & lubricate the moving parts (if needed).

    That's it.

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    I use food grade grease on my slicer and grinder and sausage stuffer... and meat mixer on the bushings...

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  6. I actually just ordered that stuff before I seen your post. Guess I will start taking it apart and give it a good scrubbing.
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    Although my slicer is a Hobart 1612, cleaning should pretty much be the same. Disassemble whatever you can like meat tray, blade covers and wash with hot soapy water. I let mine air dry completely. I put it back together, then I use disinfecting wipes and wipe down all surfaces and let it all air dry One thing NOT to use is any kind of WD-40 or spray cooking oil. That stuff will gum up the works so bad.
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    I like the non serrated blade so you can put a stone against the beveled side for sharpening while it's going. My carriage is permanently attached so I try to plastic wrap what I can so gelatin etc. Is stuck to it for easier cleaning. I use mineral oil on the carrage slide but food grade grease lasts longer.
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    Your 2 years late

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