Belated BB Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dougmays, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. dougmays

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    hey all,

    this is actually from 3 weeks ago but i haven't had time to post this till now.

    I had some ribs in the fridge that i wanted to smoke but the weekend got the best of me so i started these around 2pm on sunday. no certain occasion just wanted to smoke! it had been awhile. so i got 2 racks and rubbed them with a McCormicks Applewood rub i had bought and wanted to try. rubbed them down and let get to room temp as i heated up the smoker (usually i rub and wrap overnight but i didnt have the time).

    got the smoker up to 225-230 and a nice blue line of smoke (yes i needed to mow my lawn, you can see my broken lawnmower)

    smoked them for 2 hours and wrapped for another 2. i took a tip from Chris Lilly and put some apple and grape juice in the foil. after 2 hours on the smoke they already looked great! but put them back on the smoker to harden back up for 30 mins. i took the drippings from the foil and put them in a sauce pan and cooked down for a moping sauce.

    over all turned out good...the apple wood rub was a little mistake for using a store bought rub. here is some QView


    And the final product...

  2. chef jimmyj

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    Lookin' great! I need to get some Ribs...JJ
  3. Those look pretty good!
  4. Looks good!!!  Got an Idea for your lawn, get a lamb, let it eat the grass, than smoke some lamb chops.  Good idea?????  Steve
  5. dougmays

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    Dragon Master you might be a genius!
  6. jrod62

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  7. big lew bbq

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    EMMMM Ribs!!!

    Big Lew BBQ
  8. Those look outstanding! Great ribs![​IMG]
  9. Not a genius, just like lamb chops!  Steve

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