Beef ribs, ABTs, and Dino Eggs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by homebrew, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. The before pics - will post afters when complete.

    Beef ribs with simple rub, ABT - cream cheese, fresh pineapple and bacon (jalapenos and cheery bombs), Dino eggs - hard boiled egg wrapped with hot sausage and bacon.

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  2. jlmacc

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    Man O man you have been busy.Thinking I am going to make a trip up there this afternoon to join you guys on the feast.Have you made those  dino eggs before?Sounds different,i have never had one of those.Well can't wait to see it finished,smoke on!
  3. rp ribking

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    [​IMG]  waiting for the finish!!!
  4. roller

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    WOW very impressive !!!! I will take a seat !!![​IMG]
  5. smokinal

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    Looks like a great meal in the making!
  6. Dinner Finished - Enjoy!

  7. daggerdoggie

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    That looks great!  How do you do the Dino Eggs?
  8. jc1947

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    Those dino eggs look so good I am going to have to try them.

  9. jlmacc

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    Wow!Looks like a meal fit for a king!Looks like you got quite a bit of meat off those beef ribs too[​IMG].Did you mix fresh pineapple with those abt's,if so how do they taste?
  10. bearcarver

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    OMG !!!!!

    That is some Fantastic looking chow, Homebrew!!!!!

    Also Great Qview & Awesome BearView!!!

    Great thread!!!  [​IMG]


  11. Yes please tell.
  12. I cannot take credit for the Dino Eggs, I borrowed the recipe from SQWIB. Really simple - hard boiled egg wrapped with hot breakfast sausage and bacon. Smoked at 200 for a couple of hours.

  13.  The fresh pineaple in the ABT's was great - sweet and heat.
  14. realtorterry

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    What all did you put in those little cherry bombs?

    Opps I jus found you put cream cheese, pineapple, & bacon. did they come out mushy? I recently tried a few tomatillo's & they were so mush I could hardly pick them up?
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  15.  Those were cherry peppers, hot as hell! They were a bit soft, i like a little bite left on the pepper.
  16. sqwib

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    Great Job, nothing beats a full smoker.
  17. bluebombersfan

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    Wow that's a full smoker all right!!!
  18. flash

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  19. tjohnson

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    Very Cool!

    That is what i call a "Full Load"

  20. sierra

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    Dino Eggs: Added to the to-do list!

    Everything looks great!

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