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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nopeda, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Today I looked at some "wireless" thermometers and on the cover of the package it showed the wires that are necessary in order to use it. During my last smoking attempts I bought such a thing and it got up to about 200 degrees or something and didn't move any more after that. The next day sitting on a table outside it still said about 200 degrees. A few days later still sitting outside it still said about 200 degrees. I paid around $50 for it I think, and have never bought another. I suspected and still do that the wire attached to the "wireless" thermometer melted or something. Can anyone suggest a thermometer we can use in a smoker that actually works, and more than only one time?

    I got an electric smoker last week and today was the first "decent" day I've had to try to preseason it. I started it going and could smell the packing oils burning off of it expecting to let it go for 3-4 hours, opening the door for a couple seconds from time to time to let a lot of the oil smoke out. During the attempt I checked the radar and saw that rain was coming this way, so shut it down and covered it up and a little while later it started raining for a couple of hours. I hope stopping in the process like that didn't somehow mess it up so the burned packing oil stink will be in it from now on, and intend to try completing the process Wednesday. 

    If I can get it smelling ok I'd like to try cooking a 3.5 pound chicken and a half pound ground turkey patty. Can you cook ground turkey in a smoker like that without it falling apart down through the racks? Without having a thermometer can anyone give me a general idea of how high and long to try cooking them? Should the chicken be cut down into quarters? Or just in half? Should I try turning the chicken and/or the ground turkey over or just leave them as is? For seasoning all I want to try with the chicken to start with is a little celery salt and see how that goes with the hickory pellets in an amaze-n-smoker. 

    I've heard that cooking fish in a smoker can give it a fishy smell, so I'm wondering if it would work to cold smoke the fish (Swai) with the amaze-n-smoker for a while before cooking, and then just cook it like normal inside in a regular oven. Will that work, and if so how long should it smoke? Also, if I cook a ground turkey patty inside in a regular oven and then cold smoke it while doing the fish will it absorb the smokey flavor, though probably not as well as if cooked in smoke?
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    Lots of questions and there are plenty of folks here more qualified than I to answer but I'll help where I can.
    I recently bought a Maverick 732 dual probe thermometer and I love it. Use the boiling water test to make sure the probes are calibrated. Sounds like you just ended up with a bad one.

    I would think you can just fire the smoker back up, let it go for a few hours and it'll season just fine.

    Cooking the chicken. I try to cook between 225-250 and you can kinda figure on 2-3 hours but I would never cook poultry without being able to check the IT. The breast has to be at 165 or you take the risk of making folks Ill.

    Hope some of this helps.
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    Yes, it gives me something to go on instead of nothing at all. I'll be the only one eating this, so at least no one else is at risk. Maybe I'll try 235 for three hours and if it doesn't look done put it in the microwave a few minutes. And the same with the ground turkey unless someone suggests something else. I probably won't start cooking until around 6:00pm or later, so maybe I'll get some other suggestions between now and then. Thank you for your help!
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    Thank you for the replies! I just ordered a Maverick 733 with 2 meat probes from ebay. What is S & P to mix with the turkey to make stick together? Would it be about 4 hours to cook a 1 pound ground turkey meatloaf?
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    S & P Salt and Pepper at a minimum. 4 Hours?....Nah, from above... " The Turkey will take an hour if flattened 2 hours or so in a Loaf. " I've not worked withy a lot of ground turkey but 1 pound is not a lot and will go pretty quick...JJ

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