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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by dodgeramsst2003, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I picked up an 11.5 lb pork belly from cattlemans this week along with a large pork loin. I'm using the recipe from Jim's bacon making process on both. I figure I pull the belly at about day 6, rinse and smoke. The loin on the other hand is 3 inches thick in its thickest part. By my math I leave this until day 11-12? or should I pull it when I pull the belly? I'm worried that the center of the loin won't be cured sinces its so thick. Any input from people who have done this before? I owe some pictures from my previous snack sticks adventure, and if I ever find my camera cable I will post pics of that and this. Any input if greatly appreciated.


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    Chris, Inject your prork loin with brine/cure every inch or so. 7-8 days curing should be long enough.

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    Jim's method makes some good bacon... as far as the loin, as long as ya got the proper amount of cure by weight... leaving it a couple extra days won't hurt. When I cure 'em I usually inject a bit of cure into the center as insurance. 12 or so days sounds about right, but 14 won't hurt it. :{)
  4. I was told no peeking while its curing, so its to late to inject this time. I will let it go 12-14 days on the loin. I used the dry cure method, do I just mix this with some water to inject? I thought about cutting the loin in half lengthwise to make it thinner, but decided against it. Thanks for your help.


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