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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by kingt36, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    Decided to start my second batch today. This time I only put about 5 lbs in Pop's brine. The other 6 or so lbs ended up with a dry cure using diggingdogfarm's calculator. I rubbed in some maple syrup on (right) one and some molasses on the other (left). All of it is in the project fridge for two weeks. 

  2. You got me - I'm in. Bacon is my favorite food group  [​IMG]
  3. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    Looks great! What I've read on hear about maple syrup is you don't taste the maple just the sweetnes. Dunno bout molasses, but I luv it. Keep us posted.[​IMG]
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Looks awesome, ya had me at bacon..... Just about to venture into bacon & sausage making... Can't wait ! :biggrin:

  5. foamheart

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    Its my understanding that molasses does not burn as low as sugar so you get the sweet benefit without the burnt bacon. Just a suggestion, you might add some maple extract to the maple bacon, the smell from the extract will trick your mouth into tasting the maple syrup.

    Watching............ [​IMG]  
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  6. c farmer

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    I am watching. I did a side by side with dry and brine too.
  7. oldschoolbbq

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    I'm watching too[​IMG]  As soon as I get my 'Sting-a-lator in my back , I'm doing some... still have my Christmas Coupons [​IMG]  and I'll get a side. I want to see how many pounds I can share with the Family. [​IMG]  I may not , if Trish don't say anything[​IMG]

                                        [​IMG]I'm watching. . .
  8. disco

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    I did the same thing with a comparison of the two methods and have read other comparisons on the forums. I am looking forward to how you feel about the two methods.

  9. kingt36

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    Right off the bat, the dry curing process makes me a little nervous that I didn't get the cure in all of the right places. I only measured cure for the slab I was working with and tried to rub it in and spread it out real good, then I applied the syrup and spread it around some. I made sure to use the right measurements, though I couldn't get exact measurements since my digital scale only does full grams, and doesn't appear to even register until 4 grams. Because it didn't do full grams, I had to round up.
  10. If you get a more accurate scale it will help you a lot with making your recipes repeatable. You don't need anything fancy.

    I got this one for $15 & it works fine - it is dead on each time I check it with precision weights. Just a suggestion...
  11. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    The way I look at it, and have posted before, how exact is the science? If you do a little more a little less does it really matter? Did BBB with High Mountain rub and just put in glass container and threw saran wrap over and was told to wrap completly, turned every day and hot smoked. We luv it. Good luck.[​IMG]
  12. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    This belly has begun the next chapter in it's transition to bacon. It's been rinsed, dried, peppered (some of it) and is not in the fridge for the night. I plan to smoke it tomorrow with AMNPS and Pitmaster's choice..

    The two slabs on top are maple, the bottom two are molasses cured.

    All three of these pieces came out of the wet brine.
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  13. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    It is now smoking!

  14. Looks good man!  [​IMG]   I'll be slicing my latest batch today  [​IMG]
  15. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    Awesome...Can't wait to see it
  16. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    Pulled it off just now. I love the color it picked up. It's wrapped and ready to mellow for a few days in the fridge...

  17. Those look real nice man  [​IMG]  
  18. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    Sliced it up this morning and did a fry test. Did a fry test before I vacuum sealed it. I liked the flavor and saltiness of the Molasses and Maple dry cured. The Brined bacon had good sweetness, but once again could have used a bit more salt.

    This is some of the Maple dry cured that I peppered.

    Maple with no pepper.



    Brined, Maple, Molasses fry test.
  19. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    Looks great. It is exciting stuff doing bellies. Did the maple taste like maple? Going to look for that maple sugar which I read somewhere gives the actual flavor. GOOD EATIN.[​IMG]

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