Baby Backs Like A Boss (Q-View)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pitking, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Happy Sunday! Going to be smoking some baby backs. Rubbed them last night at about 8:00 PM with "Simply Marvelous" Pecan and Spicy Apple rub. (Didn't feel like removing membranes and washing and trimming and rubbing this morning. Just wanted to get right to business.) I love Simply Marvelous rubs. I buy them in 5 pound bags and vacuum seal them when not in use. Also vacuum seal my meats after I rub them if I don't plan on smoking them right away. Today I am going to use my 18.5 WSM. I am in the process of building a mini WSM. But we will save that for another thread. So with enough ado, lets get to some pictures! Will keep you updated through the smoke :) Oh yea... I'm just using some Kingsford Blue for fuel. And my favorite wood of all time..... Ready for this? 7 year old Makers Mark Whiskey barrels that have been split. (Oak) Produces great smoke and a flavor you cant get ANYWHERE else. You can smell the bourbon during the smoke. 


  2. I light my fuel with my big Weber's side burner. I'm not probing the ribs. Never do. What's the point? We all have eyes don't we? We know when they are done :) I probe my grate and watch it with my Maverick ready check. Going to let these dudes run at 225 for a couple hours then foil (maybe) depends on how busy I get today. We will see! 
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    Looks like you've got it rolling your way!
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    The only thing missing is my invite.

    I look forward to the finished product.

  5. Thanks y'all! Looking good so far :) Foiled after a couple hours or so and hit with apple juice. Going to let them keep rocking at about 225 give or take for another couple hours or so and see what we are looking like.:grilling_smilie::grilling_smilie::grilling_smilie::grilling_smilie::grilling_smilie:
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  6. They are done ladies and gents. And let me tell you... Unbelievable. Resting right now off the smoker. Girlfriend is whipping up some slaw and rolls. Will take final pics when it's supper time :)
  7. knifebld

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    Tehy looked amazing on the grill....any finished shots?
  8. Yes sir! Meant to post them last night but ate drank and then passed out lol Here you go!
  9. Meat fell off the bones clean. Beautiful smoke ring from those whiskey barrel chunks. Turned out amazing! Just put a brisket in the fridge after rubbing it with some cherry rub. Vac sealed it and going to smoke it this weekend or later in the week depending on schedule. Have a special trick for brisket so stay tuned!
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    Where do you get the Makers Mark barrels? Or, should I say, where can I get them?
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    Very nice bud, nice smoke ring on those too! Hopefully you still remember how they tasted! LOL
  12. @cholla I order them from fruitwood I believe is the site. They have amazing woods of just about every variety. And @knifebld I do remember they were the best I've done in a while! Have my brisket rubbed down in some cherry rub. Going to do that big boy up on Thursday! Can't wait.

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