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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by gunkle, Apr 19, 2015.

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    On my UDS that I built last summer I typically have an issue at about the 4 hr mark where the ash build up is too much and my temps start to fall. Opening up more inlets only helps for a bit then there is nothing I can do but take it apart and knock the ash out. Kicking the drum helps a little but is only a short term fix. I just fired up my new double barrel smoker "T-style" and ran into the same issue.  What are you guys doing that do long cooks? I see people talking about 12 hour cooks on a UDS but I seem to spend the last half of the cook tending my basket. My basket is made from a 14" grill grate with expanded metal about 12" tall mounted to the top. It's sitting on 3" bolts for legs. My intakes are about 3 - 4" off the bottom of the drum. I built a new basket for the new smoker but followed the same plan as the original one.  
  2. What fuel are you using? I use royal oak lump and kingsford competition briquettes and they both hardly produce any ash.
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    Kingsford blue bag. no lump.

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