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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by azsmokermark, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Hello everyone, 

    Mark here from south central Arizona.  I've been a griller for 34 years.  I almost don't have need for my indoor stove or oven anymore.  I tried my hand at smoking on the grill with limited success over the years.  For my birthday this year, I got myself a Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault.  

    The first smoke event, after seasoning the smoker, were 2 pork butts (8 & 10 lbs), one marinaded in apple juice (no rub) the other with a rub containing jerk spices.  Both came out great. Family and friends devoured the in 2 days.  

    The second smoke session was a beef chuck roast with a rub heavy in black pepper.  It was so juicy and tender the slices practically melted in our mouths.  We did not share this with friends and family, it was too good.

    Last weekend I smoked a pork loin rib roast (pork loin with the ribs still attached).  I injected it with apple cider vinegar, apple juice, salt, and sugar.  Let it set overnight.  Put a good port rub on it heavy with cumin, and smoked it until IT was 140. Nice 1" thick pork steaks with a rib kicker.  It was out of this world.  I read where this is considered the Prime Rib of pork and I agree.

    I want to do a turkey and a fresh bone in ham soon.

    I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and techniques and get some recipe pointers.  It would be great to meet other smokers in the Arizona region.

    So, if you see what you think are smoke signals coming from the Southwest Sonoran desert of Arizona, don't worry, it's only this native putting a smoke ring on a piece of meat.

    Happy eating,

  2. Hey Mark, hello and welcome from East Texas, be looking for those smoke signals 

    Gary S
  3. Hello from South Georgia! Glad to have you here!
  4. Cass Grande Smoker here. I'm just learning to smoke also. My concern now is it being so hot out now if we can keep a low temp. I have a masterbuilt pro duel
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    Sorry, can't help you as I myself am new to smoking.  However, I've never let the heat deter me in my grilling activities.  I'll cook outside regardless the weather.  Hot, cold, rain, or shine, you'll find me cooking outside.  Smoking is just another of my many outdoor activities that I enjoy year round.

    I ordered this for my Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault to help with heat regulation and give lower temps, I ordered it after reading a lot of positive comments here about reliably driving to lower temps and temp stabilization, which is what I'm most interested in.


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