Another Mother's day brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by njpellet, May 15, 2017.

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    Let me preface by saying I've had my Grilla Silverbac for a little over a week.  This is my first long smoke, ever.  So I probably did a lot wrong, but it turned out fantastic.  I am using locally sourced walmart pit boss BBQ competition blend pellets and I'm kind of happy with the results I'm getting.

    I started with a basic rub of salt, pepper, granulated garlic and onion powder.  Let that sit on it at room temp for about an hour.  Then I put it on the grill and wanted to take advantage of the warm up smoke.  It was a 6 pound flat fresh from the butcher the day before.

    I let that cook at 250 until I got it up to 165 inside.  Then I wrapped it in pink butcher paper and put it back on until it was 205 in the middle.  Overall took about 8 hours.

    Then wrapped in a towel and let it sit in a cooler for a couple of hours while I finished off the side:

    Here's the brisket out of the cooler:

    Sliced (think I went too thick on the slices, but it had a really good taste):

    All said, pretty successful.  But some folks didn't show, so it was just my wife and kids eating.  Now to figure out what to do with the half that's leftover (and to figure what I'm smoking next weekend).
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    I'd say that was a fantastic smoke!  Congrats on your success of your first long smoke.  [​IMG][​IMG]

    Leftovers?  So many ideas, but chili and stew are my favorites if I'm not in the mood to just slice and nuke. 

    Next weekend?  Now that you've mastered the brisket, the world of meat is waiting with open arms.  Have fun choosing!
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    Great results on the brisket. You'll find lots of ways to use up the leftovers. Pretty soon you'll be wondering where it all went.

  4. submariner

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    [​IMG]Oh yum brisket leftovers.....  
  5. njpellet

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    Leftovers didn't last long...sandwiches, snacks, and did some brisket tacos...

    Have a pork butt soaking in a brine mixture for tomorrow's smoke.  Hopefully that turns out good.  Will post over on the pork side of things.

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