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    I recently converted a commercial convection oven to be a cold/hot smoker,,,,,,works well,,,,,,now I will be making a trip to pick up this:

    Here is what I have found out about it:


    The first one would probably work the best for you. If you can convert to 220v then youre looking at over 9000 watts and probably around 45 amps. The big key for this is the heat is distributed through ducts on both sides and air is drawn up though the middle of the cabinet, creating convection. By far the most consistent temps than the other cabinets. There are four elements on this unit, two on each side, so if the amperage is too high, you could easily eliminate half of the elements to get around 25 amps. This machine was designed to operate from 200 to 350 degrees F, no humidity. Keep in mind that this was designed to take refrigerated food (covered) and bring it to serving temp. Since this is technically not a "cooking oven", one concern I would have would be the amount of smoke and grease being circulated through the machine. Over time, you may see a problem with the elements smoking or the motors failing due to this.

    I have no idea why I want another but I figure if I make it work I can sell either the convection oven or this as a smoker whichever seems like the best to unload,,,,,,,which probably won't be an easy decision as they both will probably work great. (The oven does for sure as I have used it a few times already.)
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    Man I wish I had a unit like that.

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