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Discussion in 'Beef' started by 4x15mph, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. 4x15mph

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    I want to smoke a brisket and I was expecting to follow the instructions in another thread about separating the flat from the point.  I bought the 7 pound brisket from Sam's and the label has "Beef brisket flat boneless cou".  

    1) Does this mean the point has been cut off along with the "corn"?  

    2) It has a large fat layer on one side so should I remove that before cooking? 

    Thank you
  2. cofi

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    Yea sounds like it's just the flat post up pics!

    I personally would only remove any hard fat you find imo just a flat is going to need as much fat to keep it moist as possible
  3. 4x15mph

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    Arghhh... why do they sell just the flat if it will not be moist?  Should I consider getting something different at this point and keep this one for home consumption only?

    I would take a picture but it is in the cryovac and will stay there until I pull it out on Friday for seasoning.  I will smoke it on Saturday.  
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  5. demosthenes9

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    4x15, it will be moist if you cook it correctly, which is to put it in your smoker and cook it until a probe goes through the thickest part of the flat like a knife through butter.  The moisture in a brisket comes from the breaking down and rendering of the connective tissue between the muscle fibers, not from the external fat.

    That said, a decent fat cap can act as a shield to prevent the exterior of your brisket from getting scorched.

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