Allium Tuberosum aka Garlic Chives aka Kow Choi aka Nira

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    If you are considering growing this, expect it to take over your gardens. It isn't garlic, it isn't onion; it's somewhere in between. It resembles a "walking onion" where it forms new bulblets on the flowerstalks, which fall and make new clumps. The flavor is almost the same as regular garlic.

    This is an infested peony bed of mine - the white heads were flowers, then they develop little bulbs.

    As they mature, the bulbs are ready to drop off

    You'll need to winnow out the papery remains of the flowerhead.

    Oh lookie, hot peppers and immature coriander seeds that still taste like cilantro

    After going through a food processor, fragrant peppery salt - works well in an Asian-style soup

    But wait, there's more! You can pull the entire plants (this was another failed attempt at eradication) and separate the group of bulbs around the woody central flower stem which is the only part of the plant you can't easily use.  These were dug when the flowers were still just buds; they can also be handled like the cloves.

    DIY garlic salt - but because of the moisture, it has sort of a pasty, crumbly texture

    You can also use the green leaves and white stems as you would use green onions, in salads, soups, etc.

    But a final word of warning: This stuff wants to RULE the WORLD so once you start it in your gardens, you'll probably never be able to get rid of it.

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  2. How does the garlic salt turn out with that stuff? Things that like to take over like those, horseradish etc. I put in raised beds so they can't spread & it works great. They make it so you don't have to bend over either - just walk up & do your thing...

    Here is one dedicated to herbs...
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    Sweet looking beds! But this stuff will show up far from where it was planted. I don't know how it gets distributed like that.

    The garlic salt is pretty much like commercial garlic salt but with more moisture. You can vary the salt/garlic ratio, so with more salt it's drier and with more garlic it's less salty but more of a crumbly paste texture. It's similar to mashing ordinary fresh garlic with salt in a mortar and pestle.
  4. Thanks man - they really make it nice since you don't have to bend over  [​IMG]

    Ok I thought maybe they spread underground like horseradish - the seeds must blow around then...

    Ok thanks - I was wondering if it was similar  [​IMG]
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    In one of the chilehead lists there's a woman in a wheelchair and she has raised beds like that so she can sit and have everything at a convenient level for working.
  6. Great thread Bluewhisper, the flowers look very similar, but apparently doesn't grow in the UK.

    The Wild Garlic in the UK grows in wooded areas with Rivers and Lakes nearby, some Chef's use the flowers for a salad garnish. 

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